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AppXpress – TakeOff360 Apple Watch Application Design Challenge

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted April 24th, 2015

Project Overview

TakeOff360 is a company that provides services to charter private jets worldwide. To provide better services for their customers they want to build an application that runs on Apple Watch. This application will allow their customers to manage their trips by reviewing their current trips, push notifications about their trip, check in for upcoming trips, and engaging Uber services. In this design challenge we will focus on the Apple Watch!


Following are the main features of the application:

  1. Upcoming Trips – A quick glance of upcoming trips, much like passbook cards. Source Airport, Destination Airport, departure date and time. Swipeable right for more.
  2. Messages – A main screen to have buttons indicating unread title and unread message count. When user taps the button the messages are displayed on full screen with back button.
  3. Payment Reminders – Payment amount, source, destination, date and time. Each reminder is full screen, so swipeable on right for more.
  4. Request Uber – A simple tap button “Request Uber” and map of the current location.
  5. Main Screen – Buttons to access the above features(the features screen should be able to navigate back to main screen)
    1. Upcoming Trips
    2. Messages
    3. Payment Reminders
    4. Request Uber

Challenge Timeline

  • Design Challenge starts: 9 EDT 4/25/15
  • Checkpoint end date: 9 EDT 4/29/15
  • Submission end date: 13:05 EDT 5/14/15


  • 1st = $1,300
  • 2nd = $300
  • 3rd = $150
  • Five submissions for the checkpoint will get $50

It’s a good time to learn Apple’s Watch Human Interface Guidelines, we will have more “Apple Watch” UI design challenges coming. Get started now!

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