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Apply for the 2016 Topcoder Community Advisory Board (CAB)!

By bcwright In Uncategorized

Posted November 20th, 2015


Do you want to help shape the future of Topcoder? Want early access and the ability to give feedback on features and decisions before they roll out? Want to be the “voice” of the community, taking feedback and suggestions straight to Topcoder staff?

Today through Dec 7th, 2015, we are accepting applications and nominations for the 2016 Community Advisory Board (CAB)! This important program gives you — members of the Topcoder community — access and insight to the innermost workings of Topcoder. You’ll come together with staff and your fellow Topcoder peers to make sure we’re listening to the needs of the community.

How does CAB work?

The 2016 Topcoder Community Advisory Board will consist of 6 members representing the design, development, data science and competitive programming “tracks” of competition. The CAB members will have a term of 12 months, during which time they spend about 5 hours per month making sure the community voice is heard! They will be in the know of any upcoming platform updates, as well as changes where the community will have strong opinions. Some responsibilities include:

  • Attend monthly meetings with Topcoder staff
  • Review new ideas and features and provide feedback to Topcoder staff
  • Regularly communicate with the members and prioritize all wants/needs of the community
  • Recap meetings in a blog post and in the CAB forum
  • Maintain active voice in the CAB forum

See all the important details about responsibilities and expectations in our FAQs about CAB. And remember, CAB members can still compete, act as copilots, reviewers and all other member-related activities.

How can CAB help improve Topcoder?

Our 2015 CABbies directly contributed to many of the positive changes to Topcoder in 2015, including a big initiative to give new members a comprehensive guide to Topcoder, increase member support, and improve communication with the community.

Members of the community can turn to CAB with questions, complaints, suggestions, feedback and ideas. They get special news and announcements from the CAB from a member-perspective.

Who should apply?

Any member who has a real passion for Topcoder and a special interest in the health and growth of the community should apply! We will strive to have a balanced group of CAB members to represent the different tracks of competition, along with the special needs of our community.

The appointed CABbies will work together as a group to bring ideas to Topcoder, give feedback, interact with members, and share responsibilities. CAB members may volunteer or be nominated to become a CAB blog writer, a session leader, or any other role that is needed.

What are the perks?

In addition to gaining early access to Topcoder features and ideas, CAB members also have special recognition within the community and on the Topcoder website, along with some pretty fun Topcoder branded gear and goodies.

How to apply

We’re accepting applications and nominations right now! The application deadline is December 7, 2015 at midnight EST. Once the applications and nominations are in, they will be reviewed by staff and finalists will be chosen. The finalists will be notified and then their application details will be presented to the Topcoder community for a vote. The vote results will influence who is ultimately chosen to be on the CAB.

What are you waiting for? Apply today to help shape the future of Topcoder!

Know someone who would be a great CABbie? Nominate them here!