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Apollo Opportunities iOS App Challenge!

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted June 9th, 2015

At a high level we’re looking for the best application requirements specification (ARS) as the output from this challenge. If you’re new to specification challenges you may be asking yourself what that entails – basically it’s a document that will define the relationships between the wireframes provided and the API that’s providing data in order to enable developers to breathe life into this iOS mobile application project.

So what are we doing? The overall purpose of this project is to build a mobile application which will facilitate the growth of an internal community to enable staff at our client. We’re really interested to see just what kind of specification you can write here – there’s a variety of functionality to be covered and critical pieces of the application that need to be carefully specified to ensure they’re built correctly downstream.

From data flows to back-end communication, a graph API and JSON data packets being passed to and from a REST server with the possibility of telling us how we need to update the backend. With buzzwords aplenty in a sentence who wouldn’t be interested? Seriously though, we think this is a great challenge to come back to if you haven’t competed in a specification challenge for a while – or to take on as part of your regular activity if you think you can remain on top!

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite there are also milestone prizes on offer so dip your toe into the pool right now and before you know it you’ll be headed to victory!

Good luck!

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