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Announcing the Harvard Antibody Algorithm Optimization – $8,500 in Prizes

By joey-poarch In Uncategorized

Posted January 9th, 2015

The human immune system produces a vast variety of antibodies in order to respond to external stimuli. Next-generation sequencing technology allows researchers to obtain the sequences of all antibodies from a single person.

Clustering these antibody sequences allows us to understand the lineage structure of all human antibodies. Researchers can then further monitor the global changes of the human antibody repertoire in response to the different medical conditions, and identify true acting antibodies with the potential to cure diseases.

However, the number of antibody sequences from a single sample is in the millions. Clustering at such a large scale poses a major computational challenge.

That’s where we need your help!

Get Started

We’ve just launched a Marathon Match, with $8,500 in prizes – and the goal is simple: we need to optimize an existing algorithm for clustering antibody sequences. A secondary goal is speeding up the time it takes the algorithm to process data.

Are you up the challenge? Find out more by registering now >>