January 16, 2015 Announcing the 2nd Challenge in The Season of Big Data!

Welcome to the HP Haven Vertica Setup Sweepstakes Challenge

The Season of Big Data has kicked off, and in the 2nd contest in the Big Data series, the Topcoder weather forecast calls for raining virtual machines with $5,000 in intermittent cash prizes. Sign up for the Vertica Setup challenge!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be running a series of challenges that show off the features of the Vertica database and analytics platform. To compete in some of the upcoming Big Data Challenges competitors will need to deploy a local version of Vertica. To help the community out, we’ve created this challenge, asking the Topcoder community to install a trial version of VMWare and add some virtual machine image files to get the Vertica database up and running quickly. After getting the image installed and the database up and running, you’ll run a simple query to validate your installation.

The output of this query is your submission for this challenge. We will choose 50 members at random from those who submit a valid result for this challenge to receive a $100 prize.

What is the Season of Big Data?

Our friends at HP are sponsoring a series of challenges for Topcoder Community members to explore the concepts and technologies that drive Big Data. It is an overlapping series of challenges that will escalate in complexity and include an introduction to Big Data Concepts:

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Completing Big Data related Tutorials
  • Big Data Toolkit development
  • Core database challenges

Through a mix of fun and real world crowdsourcing challenges, HP is inviting the Topcoder Community to learn how to build the next generation of Big Data and analytics apps using the Haven OnDemand platform. Both Beginners and Experts are invited to sign-up.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for more challenges titled Season of Big Data.

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