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Announcing TCO14 Trip Winners

By mcards13 In Uncategorized

Posted February 14th, 2014

The 2014 TopCoder Open is chugging along and it’s amazing how time flies. We are already at the midpoint for Period 3! It’s great to see some veteran competitors and some new folks as part of our winners list so far. It’s also cool to see hi4sandy winning two trips in two different competition tracks. We sure do have some talented members!

I was happy to be able to announce the Period 1 winners at the TCO13 finals but I want to give them a shout out here as well:

I’m also excited to announce the TCO14 Period 2 winners!

Again, congratulations to you all!

All the current finalists can expect an email from me soon with more details about your trip so stay tuned.

In other TCO14 news, we will be announcing the Algorithm and Marathon Competition information in the next few weeks so just the heads up there. I know many of you are anxiously waiting so thanks for your patience.

Additionally, we’ll be announcing the finals dates and exact location in San Francisco at that same time.

Best of luck to you for the rest of Period 3!