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Angular, Mongo, and Node Oh My! It's a Sunshot Frenzy!

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted November 20th, 2015

It’s a Sunshot weekend here at Topcoder! Right now we have 10 development challenges open, with over $28,000 in prizes! Sounds like an excellent way to spend your weekend earning some cash right before the holidays if you ask me!

The best part about the Sunshot challenges…there is a little something for everyone! We’re talking, Angular, Node, MongoDB, API integrations and more. We even have a couple challenges for the Python lovers out there.

Take a look at the challenges below and get started today.

SunShot – Bright Harvest NodeJS API-UI Integration

Sunshot – Building DataCloud NodeJS Web App

SunShot – EnerWise NodeJS Application

SunShot – MapMySolar- Unity3d Game Logic Part 2

Sunshot – OneOakSystems NodeJS API

Sunshot – SLS – NodeJS Assembly Challenge

SunShot – SolarActionNetwork – NodeJS Web Application

SunShot – Tangerine NodeJS UI-API Integration

Python fans check these out:

SunShot – Hot4Solar Python Web Application

SunShot – MySunBuddy Python API-UI Integration