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A Word From Our TCO15 Sponsor: Eleven Fifty Academy

By mcards13 In Uncategorized

Posted November 9th, 2015

You’re all familiar with the famous names in sports such as David Beckham, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. But how familiar are you with the famous names in coding? Topcoder Open is one of the most well-known, has been held each year since 2001 and is considered by many the Super Bowl of coding. Petr Mitrichev and Gennady Korokevich are two competitors that have won not only Topcoder Open, but other worldwide competitions as well.

Petr Mitrichev was born in 1985 in Russia and is a competitive programmer who showed a special interest in math when he started solving mathematical problems and puzzles. His teacher noticed his interest and invited him to the Computer Science Olympiad where he placed fourth. He has participated in numerous competitions over the last few years, including Google Code Jam Facebook Hacker Cup, and Topcoder Open multiple years. Petr placed first in the Topcoder Collegiate Challenge in both 2006 and 2007 and placed first in the Topcoder Open in 2006 and 2013. He ranks the second highest Algorithm coder on Topcoder.

Gennady Korotkevich is another international competitive programmer, born in 1994, who has won competitive competitions since he was 11 years old. Having placed second in a national competition when he was only in the second grade, he was granted automatic entry into a technical university. Similar to the other coders mentioned, Gennady has also participated in the Facebook Hacker Cup, Topcoder Open, and Google Code Jam. He was the Topcoder winner in 2014 and the Facebook Hacker Cup and Google Code Jam winner in both 2014 and 2015.

Eleven Fifty Academy is fortunate enough to be hosting the winners’ reception for the 2015 Topcoder Open. The competition attracts the best of the best coders to compete and overcome challenging technical problems that one would encounter everyday on the coding job. Topcoder Open has several different types of competitions, including software design, architecture assembly, marathon matches, bug races, and several other competitions – all lasting various periods of time.

Topcoder competitors are all ages and have diverse backgrounds from all the corners of the world. These individuals compete by showcasing their unique coding capabilities, improving their skills, and in turn are awarded cash prizes. At Eleven Fifty Academy, we believe that the coding profession lacks diversity. Having these international competitors come to the Academy proves the coding profession is diverse, unique, and talented. Hosting events such as this allows the Academy to impact these competitors in a positive way and allows us to continue informing coders about our mission as a nonprofit coding academy – teaching this valuable skill.

The finals competition are currently being held in Indianapolis, Indiana, with their winners’ reception Tuesday, November 10th at Eleven Fifty Academy. We are thrilled to host their winners’ reception and excited to meet the incredible talent these international competitors bring. We are planning a Wall of Fame that this year’s winner will sign where future Academy students will have the chance to learn in the same halls the superstars of coding have visited. Be on the lookout for upcoming blogs to stay up-to-date with our events and upcoming courses at www.elevenfifty.org.