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7 Reasons Innovation via Community and Atomization Works

By cloudspokes In Uncategorized

Posted July 10th, 2012

TopCoder Blog 7 Reasons Community and Atomization WorksIn this era of the social sound-bite, words are not as carefully chosen as they perhaps once were. This leads to platitudes over realities, and phrase overuse clogging up messaging making it difficult to discern what a particular service or offering can actually help you accomplish. We see terms such as Open Innovation, community, Big Data, and platform bandied about and because of this, the terms themselves tend to get watered down. They mean less because they’re overused, a “vernaculary inflation” of sorts. So, it becomes that much more important to communicate effectively why at TopCoder, we do use these terms.

TopCoder is a global community of over 414,000 software developers, algorithmists and digital designers. Our community is accessed through a mature platform that enables our enterprise clients to achieve tremendous scale and innovation via open and secured competitions and contests. These words mean something, because they are exactly who we are and how our community operates. Another aspect that is important to understand is the why. Why does leveraging a community work? Why do we break down projects into atomized states and then host specific, smaller competitions? With this in mind, we created the 7 reasons innovation via community and atomization works.

At TopCoder, our community is accomplishing amazing levels of work, productivity, and innovation via Open Innovation competitions and contests and doing so for Fortune 500 enterprises and government agencies.

TopCoder Blog 7 Reasons Community and Atomization Works

Download the presentation that canvasses community, how we atomize projects, and the 7 reasons it works – Download Here

In this burgeoning era of producing valuable assets via platforms and Open Innovation, it’s worthy to take a step back and assess if you are simply being paid lip service or if the platform and community you are researching can help you accomplish great things. Take the time to understand a community or crowd you are about to engage. Dive deep into a platform and ask the hard questions that pertain to IP and how you can achieve scale. When everyone is talking Open Innovation, it’s worthy of your time to focus on what is getting accomplished via Open Innovation.

At TopCoder, we’re always up for such a worthy discussion.

image credit: diehlprojectmanagement.com