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$5000 Cisco APIC-EM Sweepstakes Challenge

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted April 23rd, 2015

We want you to get started learning Cisco’s network APIs, so we’ve launched this sweepstakes challenge to give you a little incentive. We’ll randomly choose 50 members from qualifying submissions to receive a $100 prize. Who doesn’t loves sweepstakes challenges!?

Cisco DevNet Network APIs warm up Sweepstakes Challenge

The challenge is fairly simple: register on Cisco’s DevNet, log into the Sandbox and try out a few of the specified APIs. See the submission requirements for more info. You don’t have to be an experienced software developer or network administrator to understand how to use the APIs. Cisco has developed them to be simple to use and administer.

This REST based API is offered by Cisco’s soon to be released Software Defined Network (SDN) Controller called APIC-EM which stands for Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module. The API provides network information such as: topology, status of various devices along with their configuration, dynamic modification and much more.

The APIC-EM controller resides on Cisco’s DevNet which is Cisco’s central repository for its developer based APIs and tools. In addition to API downloads and documentation, community forums for support and Sandboxes for development on hardware as well as virtualized network equipment are provided at no cost.

Come visit us at Cisco Live San Diego in 2015! DevNet has participated in Cisco Live events since Cisco Live San Francisco in May 2014. At Cisco Live the DevNet Zone is there with learning labs for hands on learning, pods featuring emerging technologies along with theatres and classrooms.