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3 Fresh Watson Challenges We Promise You'll Love

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted August 7th, 2015

We just launched three brand spankin’ new challenges that we think are super cool! You’ll want to get pumped for these challenges as IBM Watson is on the cutting edge of technology and you can easily harness its abilities in Bluemix to do amazing things. These challenges are just a glimpse into that!

These mobile hybrid apps will be used across IBM by mobile developers who want to leverage these Watson Services. They will be part of the groundbreaking Catalyst tool chain. Catalyst provides immediate access to all the information developers need for designing, developing, connecting, securing, testing, and distributing mobile applications at IBM.

So get started on these challenges today, and prove your Watson and Bluemix chops to the folks over at IBM!

1. SiBM Watson Speech Translator Services Mobile Demo: Similar to the SiBM fun challenge, this challenge tasks you with creating a mobile hybrid demo app based on the Watson Speech to Text, Machine Translation, and Text to Speech services. With this app, you should be able to make it transcribe audio to text, translate that text, and provide audio playback of the translated text. The first place winner in this challenge wins $2,000, and the second place winner gets $1,000.

2. SiBM Watson Alchemy Vision Face Tagging Service Mobile Demo: For this challenge, you will make a mobile hybrid demo app with IBM’s Alchemy Vision Service that will be able to detect and compare faces. Using faces captured by Alchemy Vision Service, the app should be able to detect whether or not the faces match and “pass,” or do not match and “fail.” First place wins $1,500 in prize money, while the second place winner receives $750.

3. SiBM Watson Tradeoff Analytics Service Mobile Demo: In this challenge, you will be tasked with a mobile hybrid demo app that uses Watson’s Tradeoff Analytics service. Tradeoff Analytics helps users reach decisions by breaking down the important factors and displaying an interactive visual representation. First place winners get $1,600, and second place winners win $800.

To learn more about Watson and Bluemix, please visit our Spring into Bluemix portal. Not signed up for Bluemix, not a problem. Sign up here and you will get the chance to win some money for doing it!