Topcoder Marathon Match - the Crowd Innovation Lab at Harvard University and Humanity United present: 

Crowd for Good - Atrocity Prevention 2

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Can better predictive analytics help prevent mass atrocities?

Genocide. Mass rape. Ethnic cleansing. These and other mass atrocities threaten our security and offend our conscience. Yet, we are now empowered by new technologies that can help prevent these crimes, and we believe it is our shared responsibility to act.

The Crowd Innovation Lab at Harvard, Humanity United, and Topcoder are proud to bring you Atrocity Prevention 2, a new Topcoder Marathon Match building on the success of a 2013 challenge which saw a 62% improvement in algorithmic accuracy compared to the existing, subjective baseline model. Now, it's time to push this success even further and we need your help.

This algorithmic solution ultimately can save lives by helping to ensure humanitarian aid is in the right place at the right time.

Crowd for Good brings the power of the crowd and not-for-profits together to use technology and data to solve complex problems and make the world a better place.

Winners of this challenge will receive an exclusive Crowd for Good badge in their Topcoder profile, and a Crowd for Good t-shirt!

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