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September 22, 2017 Announcing the TCO17 Algorithm Finalists!

Unarguably the most interesting contest at the TCO Finals has always been the Algorithm Finals. The algorithm track brings the best mathematics and programming enthusiasts in the world to compete onsite at one place.
The battle to the championship becomes more intense after each round. The arena starts having more red color as the tournament progresses.
It starts with Round 1 – 1A, 1B and 1C. They are held on 3 different days to suit the members to compete and make it to the next round. If members miss out on Round 1A, they can participate in Round 1B or Round 1C. Top 250 rated members are given byes who meet the tournament eligibility criteria have earn an automatic berth, or bye for the Algorithm Competition. This means they can skip Round 1 and they automatically qualify for round 2.
In the next round Round 2 the difficulty level slightly enters into Div I difficulty level and the competition becomes more intense. 40 members each from Round 2A, 2B and 2C proceed to the last online round – Round 3.
Round 3 is the one that decides the majority of the finalists.
Round 3A was held on 5th of August and presented algorithm contestants with the very first opportunity to advance to the finals in Buffalo, NY.  The following members advanced and will be competing in the finals!

Handle: [tourist]                                                  
Country: Belarus
Member Since: May,2006
Rating: 3427

Handle: [bcip]
Country: China
Member Since: January ,2011
Rating: 3151

Handle: [scott_wu]
Country: United States of America
Member Since: November ,2010
Rating: 3237

Handle: [-XraY-]
Country: Russian Federation
Member Since: November ,2008
Rating: 3096

Handle: [nika]
Country: Georgia
Member Since: December ,2005
Rating: 2798

TCO17 Round 3B was last regular online round of TCO 2017 Algorithm Competition and was held on 9th of September. The following members advanced and will be competing in the finals!

Handle: [qwerty787788]
Country: Russian Federation
Member Since: August ,2011
Rating: 2982

Handle: [Um_nik]
Country: Russian Federation
Member Since: December ,2013
Rating: 3274

Handle: [ikatanic]
Country: Russian Federation
Member Since: Januaury ,2008
Rating: 3114

Handle: [rng_58]
Country: Japan
Member Since: August ,2007
Rating: 3670

Handle: [RRx]
Country: Republic of Korea
Member Since: March ,2009
Rating: 2608

Last 2 tickets to TCO onsite in Buffalo were up for grabs in Wildcard round for those people who qualified from regional rounds all around the world. The regionals give an amazing and 2 step chance to qualify for the finals. xudyh and kuniavski advanced to the finals from this round.

Handle: [xudyh]
Country: China
Member Since: February , 2012
Rating: 3271

Country: Russian Federation
Member Since: April , 2009
Rating: 3055

Congrats to all our Algorithm Finalists! Read their interviews here.

Harshit Mehta

Sr. Community Evangelist

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