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Crowdsourcing Used to Develop an Artificial Intelligence-Based Solution for Radiation Therapy Targeting Matches Harvard Expert

Topcoder’s Crowdsourced Quality as a Service for On-Demand Testing Enables Faster Speeds, Greater Work Volumes for Customers

Crowdsourcing, Data Science Top Talks at the 2018 Topcoder Open

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Use of Crowd Innovation to Develop an Artificial Intelligence–Based Solution for Radiation Therapy Targeting

Fujitsu and TC3 Promote Quantum Inspired Digital Annealer Next-Generation Architecture in Topcoder Contest

Reimagining Application Delivery with Enterprise Crowd-Development

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Gig Recruiting Like the Pros: How NASA and Harvard Benefit from Crowdsourcing Talent

I’ve Jumped Into The Momentum Of The Open Marketplace And Will Never Look Back

Open Assembly and Topcoder Report: How Organizations Adopt Gig Economy Workforce Models

Interview with Thomas Kranitsas, Full Stack Copilot

Anadarko’s Digital Legacy Offers A Template For Others

Interview with Dr. Sergey Pogodin

Securing Software Development without Sacrificing Innovation: Crowdsourcing and the Gig Economy

What’s Working in Washington – Ep 351 – Helping government leverage AI tools – Nick Weir

Robustness of Limited Training Data for Building Footprint Identification: Part 1