A good website is as critical for businesses today as keeping the lights on, but it can be hard to find the time to keep websites up to date.

As the company behind popular brands like Purina, Calva, and Nutra Blend, Land O’Lakes’s marketing team is responsible for keeping many different websites updated and engaging. When the WordPress website for their PMI Nutrution brand of pet food was due for a facelift, Land O’Lakes turned to Topcoder to help them rethink and rebuild the site.

Topcoder broke the project down into small units of work to design, build, and test the new site. The web design phase of the project generated more than a dozen UX designs for the Land O’Lakes team to consider. Once they selected a winning design, the completed WordPress website was tested and ready to deploy in just weeks.

Land O’Lakes has since used Topcoder to redesign and rebuild the websites for nearly a dozen of its other popular brands, including Purina, Calva, and Nutra Blend. And because Topcoder gives Land O’Lakes access to a virtually limitless network of digital talent, then can build and update multiple websites in parallel.

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We received results at a very reasonable cost. I think the biggest value-add is that there’s no lead time. As soon as I can get a statement of work turned around, I can start the work.