Getting a new web-based business off the ground takes technical prowess, bandwidth, and agility—all of which can be difficult for entrepreneurs to find.

Teckedin is a new company looking to make it easier for people to find the technology solutions and integrators that match their unique needs. When they first set out to build their platform, the Teckedin team turned to locally available freelance designers and developers—and didn't get the speed or quality they had hoped for.

Teckedin came to Topcoder to reimagine their new website's user interface and develop production-ready code. And with Topcoder Connect, Teckedin got their project off the ground with just a few clicks.

Starting with website design, Topcoder delivered ten different design concepts in just 24 hours, providing a wide variety of new ideas and approaches. Once the final design was selected, Topcoder's global talent network produced and tested ready-to-deploy code, enabling Teckedin to get to market faster.

Today, Teckedin is growing its business by connecting technology and service providers with potential new customers based on location, needs, and interests—and helping to level the playing field for companies that might otherwise get lost in a Google search.

 Above: crowdsourced changes coming to the new

The team approach is what I like best about Topcoder. Early on, as I was trying to get things moving, I realized I needed a team. Now I have a team with Topcoder.