For Olympic athletes, accurately tracking health and training data can be the difference between a place on the podium or a place back in the pack.

USA Diving, the national governing body for Olympic diving in the United States, needed a way to track health and training data for divers located throughout the country. Coaches recorded different metrics with different tools, and data wasn’t centralized for the team at USA Diving headquarters to analyze—making it difficult to maintain visibility across all Olympic divers.

USA Diving turned to Topcoder to develop an iPad app that lets coaches and divers capture data on training volume, performance, and health with a few easy taps. Topcoder broke the project down into small units of work to design the user interface, build a clickable prototype, and develop a ready-to-deploy application, attracting hyper-specialized members from the Topcoder Community to work on each stage of the project.

Today, the USA Diving app captures training data and videos with just a few taps—perfect for wet fingers—and a built-in dashboard helps coaches and athletes monitor the count, type, and score of training dives. Data and videos from previous training sessions are also accessible through the app, so it’s easy to review past performance and look for opportunities to improve. And best of all, coaches and staff at USA Diving headquarters now have visibility across the entire Olympic diving team.

This innovative app could be the advantage our coaches and athletes need to earn that place on the podium at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.