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BMC’s world-class Executive Briefing Center (EBC for short) is focused on providing an unforgettable experience for facility visitors there to learn more about the company. They had a mobile app that had been developed to digitize EBC guest surveys, but they wanted to reimagine the app as a "mobile concierge" — one that would deliver a richer and more helpful experience.

With Topcoder, BMC redesigned and built the MyEBC mobile concierge app in under five months. Available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play, the MyEBC app enables guests to effortlessly manage all aspects of their trip—from agenda, weather, flight info, and preferences to nearby events and recommended restaurants. How’s that for a customer-driven experience?

Not only does the MyEBC app put a smile on their guests' faces, but it also earned BMC the 2015 Mobby Award for Best Collaboration and Teamwork App.