IT service requests cost businesses time and money—and can cause frustration for users who simply want fast solutions.

eBay wanted to design and build a sleek hybrid mobile application to optimize the experience for executives with IT woes, and they wanted it to be as simple to use as their global ecommerce marketplace. The app needed to deliver IT assistance on the go and facilitate support via phone, SMS, and on-site technical help.

eBay turned to Topcoder to turn their vision for an innovative new approach to IT service into a reality. Starting with just a feature wish list and rough mockups, Topcoder rapidly designed, prototyped, and developed a mobile application that fuses a beautiful user interface with a savvy back-end architecture built with modern mobile development languages.

The GetHelp app went from innovative idea to deployment in just four months, and today it flawlessly manages collaboration between users on support requests. And with instant communication and feedback between users, eBay can save time and money while resolving executives' IT support requests faster.

The fact that there is this quality of engineers all over the world, it really made me re-think how I resource projects.