Mobile apps have become essential for businesses to connect customers and employees to meaningful data, processes, and experiences.

With the significant market share and robust native capabilities of Apple devices, iOS is now the platform of choice for many enterprise mobile apps. The challenge for most organizations is finding the time and talent to rapidly turn their mobile ideas into an iOS app reality.

Topcoder partnered with Apple to close this gap with an Expert Community of designers and developers experienced in creating high-quality iOS apps. Together, we launched the Topcoder iOS Community, a segment of the broader 1+ million member Topcoder Community focused exclusively on growing and nurturing the skills needed to build iOS apps that take full advantage of Apple device capabilities. Challenges and leaderboards motivitate members to hone their iOS skills, and badges and rewards recognize members for their achievements.

The Topcoder iOS Community grew to more than 15,000 members in just six months, resulting in a global pool of talent ready to design and build enterprise-grade iOS solutions. Today, the iOS Community is home to more than 40,000 members from nearly every country in the world.