Every business wants to innovate, but generating transformative ideas—and choosing the right ideas to pursue—often requires new ways of thinking.

As one of the world‘s most successful IT services companies, IBM is no stranger to innovation. And they continually foster it by seeking new ways of engaging employees, generating and pursuing ideas, and making business decisions. This culture of innovation led to the launch of IBM iFundIT in 2012—a program designed to tap into the brainpower of their workforce to uncover groundbreaking ideas.

iFundIT helps IBM drive innovation at enterprise scale by leveraging both crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Employees around the world submit and vote on impactful app ideas to receive funding for development, and IBM leverages Topcoder to deliver the on-demand talent needed to rapidly iterate and build out the top ideas.

With a Topcoder innovation program streamlining development for ideas approved through the iFundIT program, IBM completed nearly 200 crowdsourcing challenges and over 35 app design and development projects for more than 10 IBM divisions. Apps that have come out of the partnership between iFundIT and Topcoder include Lock Your Laptop, Play IBM, Park Up, IBM Classifieds, Learn and Earn, and Quarter End Journey, all of which have been positively received.

Today, IBM employees around the world continue to make an impact by innovating and funding apps that make work easier—from finding socially influential colleagues to analyzing the impact of internal apps on fellow employees.

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