Connected Buildings App

Honeywell Building Solutions

Keeping commercial buildings safe, secure, comfortable, and energy efficient requires integrated, easy-to-use solutions.

Honeywell Building Solutions (HBS) made a promise to customers to create a mobile, social app that would make it easier than ever to control building and campus operations. With a user conference just around the corner and limited internal bandwidth to take on the project, Honeywell knew they needed to think differently about how to deliver on their promise.

Honeywell came to Topcoder to bring their mobile app to life—fast. Topcoder began by producing multiple mobile app design concepts to help Honeywell explore the art of the possible and visualize user experience. Honeywell selected the winning designs and refined the features to be included in the app, and then Topcoder developed the winning design into a clickable app prototype.

In under eight weeks, Honeywell went from an idea and a promise to a user experience they could share with customers to generate feedback and excitement. The Attune mobile app was unveiled at their user conference, fulfilling their commitment to their customers--and demonstrating the innovation that has made them a market leader.

What Topcoder gave us is a totally new way to think about the problem, a different way to address our challenge and come up with a solution that’s equally creative and satisfies a customer need.