Determining the efficacy of new pharmaceuticals is a complex challenge, and incorrect findings can cost millions of dollars — and precious research time.

A pharma company needed to definitively determine responders from non-responders for an ongoing clinical trial. Their initial data suggested that the trial might be a failure, meaning the drug would not make it to the following trial stage, one-step closer to market.

The company could leverage existing methods to validate the trial findings, but those would take three to six more months to execute — slowing the proces and adding significant expense to the process.

The pharma company turned to Topcoder for help validating the clinical trial data with predictive analytics. With an Analytics Starter pack, Topcoder helped the company obfuscate their data to protect sensitive information, and then invited a select group of data scientists from Topcoder's global network of talent to develop solutions. Topcoder developed over 120 possible solutions in just 10 days, and the winning solution helped prove the pharma company's working hypothesis about the clinical trial results.

By rapidly developing multiple predictive analytics solutions, the pharma company eliminated an estimated four months of dedicated researcher effort to validate the trial findings, helping them get to the next trial stage faster.

Data Scientists
10 Days
Months of Time Saved