iOS Community

Topcoder joined forces with Apple to grow and nurture a 40,000+ member community focused on Swift and iOS application development.

Toxicology Predictive Analytics

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency came to Topcoder to develop a solution that predicts toxicity across a database of 1,800 different chemicals.

SunShot Catalyst

The U.S. Department of Energy turned to Topcoder to help 17 teams sprint from solar business application idea to MVP in just 60 days.

Space Exploration Algorithm

NASA wanted to develop an algorithm that helps them explore Saturn. Topcoder delivered an algorithm that discovered four new “moonlets” in Saturn’s rings.

Asteroid Hunting Algorithm

NASA and Planetary Resources came to Topcoder to develop a machine learning algorithm that discovers new asteroids by analyzing telescope images.

ISS Longeron Challenge

NASA partnered with Topcoder to challenge citizen scientists to develop new algorithms for capturing solar power on the International Space Station.

Earthquake Predictive Anaytics

NASA needed algorithms to identify electromagnetic signals that precede earthquakes. Topcoder developed over 100 possible solutions in three weeks.

Cognitive Community

Topcoder and IBM partnered to grow a 50,000+ member community focused on IBM Watson and other cognitive technologies.

Enterprise Innovation Program

IBM chose Topcoder to power app design and development for iFundIT, a program that empowers their employees to submit and vote on innovative ideas.