Blockchain is perhaps the hottest technology on the market, and many predict that it's poised to disrupt enterprises just as cloud and mobile have in the past.

One of the fastest-growing blockchain technologies is Ethereum—particularly for enterprises seeking to beat the competition to market with blockchain solutions. But with blockchain still in its infancy, it can be challenging to find the right talent to design and build enterprise-grade Ethereum solutions.

Topcoder and ConsenSys partnered to close this gap with an Expert Community focused exclusively on blockchain technologies like Ethereum. The Topcoder Blockchain Community—a segment of the broader 1+ million member Topcoder Community—went from concept to go-live in under 60 days. A dedicated microsite gives members access to the Ethereum code and tool suite, tutorials, and fun challenges to help develop the blockchain skills needed to build enterprise solutions.

More than 4,000 members joined the Topcoder Blockchain Community in its first five months, and today Topcoder and ConsenSys continue to work together to grow and nurture this cutting-edge community.

Our partnership with Topcoder takes this to another level, by giving developers the tools and resources needed to discover, learn, and build on ethereum blockchain.