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Can booking a private charter jet be completely re-imagined through a new mobile and wearable experience? Yes. See the concepts that cater to the luxury lifestyle.

We were really impressed with how quickly we were able to get professional designs that reflected our brand and goals. The process was seamless from the beginning to the end.

Rob Basha
Founder, Takeoff360

When Takeoff360 needed to redesign their mobile app on a tight budget, they chose Topcoder’s AppXpress to meet their needs. Having a professional design that reflected their brand was a top priority, and AppXpress allowed them to get several design options to help them narrow down to five screens that were consistent with their original layout.

Topcoder allowed Takeoff360 to get several designs in just three weeks, with checkpoints throughout allowing them to stay on schedule with their own development team. Currently in private beta testing, Takeoff360 expects to re-engage with AppXpress when they roll out a 2.0 update.


Takeoff360 wants to make booking a private jet charter as easy as hailing an Uber. With a beautiful mobile app that is crafted for the busy traveler and caters to their lifestyle, Takeoff360 is ready, well… to take off.

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