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See how our client validated initial clinical trial findings through crowdsourcing, saving their researchers 4 months of precious time.

Bringing new pharmaceutical solutions and drugs to market is an incredibly difficult, time consuming, and expensive endeavor. Determining the efficacy of a particular trial drug is a complex challenge, one where incorrect findings can cost millions of dollars and precious research time.


Our pharmaceutical client needed to definitively determine responders from non-responders for an ongoing clinical trial. Their initial data suggested that the trial might be a failure, meaning the drug would not make it to the following trial stage, one-step closer to market.

Existing methods to validate the trial findings would take the client ~ 3 to 6 more months to execute.


Using obfuscated data to protect sensitive information, we invited in a select gathering of Topcoder community data scientists. In 10 days, the client received over 120 solutions, helping to prove the client’s working hypothesis. This accelerated time frame saved the client ~ 4 months of dedicated researcher effort.

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