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Our NYC-based client was heading into a huge pitch lacking a strong mobile concept to pair to their bold vision. Three days later, they landed the client, bolstered by these gorgeous mobile concepts born from crowdsourcing.

In a matter of only 3 days, we took the client from a digital strategy session, to a launched crowdsourcing challenge, to amazing mobile concepts that wowed. These UX innovations focused on social sharing, mobile photography, enhanced personal recommendations, and the ability to become inspired by your surroundings, allowing you to shop like never before.

Can you accomplish innovative work using crowdsourcing even if you can’t share the brand or company the work is being done for? With Topcoder, you can.

Our Manhattan based agency client was in a pinch. They had an important pitch to deliver to a retail focused prospect and though they loved the traditional concepts their team had come up with, they wanted to bolster their offering with a complimentary mobile concept.

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