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NASA wanted to design and develop an iPad app that was a joy for their crews to use. See how crowdsourcing helped deliver the right stuff.

NASA has an existing food intake tracking system, but user adoption fell short of plan. In response, NASA wanted to design and develop a mobile-first iPad application that was beautiful and a joy for their brave crews to use while in space flight or onboard the ISS. To help ensure consistent collection of the data, from their very remote, and very busy users, NASA needed a tool that users would want to use. Topcoder delivered the ISS FIT (Food Intake Tracker) iPad application.


At NASA, innovation drives their journey to reveal the unknown and reach new heights, which will benefit all of humanity. Their work equips the United States with the technologies of the future, while inspiring a new generation of explorers the world over. Their history is a storied one, fueled by bold innovations, scientific & technological breakthroughs, and outright courage. Their future is even brighter.


Through a series of crowdsourcing challenges, Topcoder’s community members designed and developed an iPad application that provides astronauts on the ISS an efficient, rapid, and accurate method for tracking their dietary intake, while also tracking important nutrient data.

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