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Customers desire and demand simplicity. See how IBM teamed up with Topcoder to create an engaging on-boarding application that makes it easy for a customer to find the right services and support, quickly and securely.

The variety of creative design delivered through crowdsourcing helped us achieve a fantastic look and feel for this ISEO (IBM Support Easy OnBoarding) application. To be able to sprint from idea through prototype using crowdsourcing simply helped us move this winning idea to the production level, faster.

About IBM ifundIT

IBM ifundIT is IBM’s enterprise crowdfunding program that is being used to drive innovation inside the company. IBM employees around the world are making an impact by funding the creation of apps that make work easier — from finding people who are socially influential to analyzing how big an impact an internal app is having on fellow employees.


If you think about the ideal onboarding process it is not only engaging for users but also chock-full of information and makes it easy to know where to reach out for support. That’s great and all, but where to begin in creating such an intuitive experience? Out of IBM’s recent Spring into Bluemix campaign, the perfect solution for quick ideation, came ISEO: the IBM Support Easy OnBoarding app. ISEO makes it fun and easy for IBM’s clients to sign up and search for services that allow them to keep up with current product information; ISEO users even have quick support access, including convenient status update notifications for a Grade-A customer experience. In just a few quick steps with the assistance of Cathy, ISEO’s hostess extraordinaire, clients gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources at their fingertips to optimize their experience with the IBM products and services that help drive their businesses forward.

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