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Over 130 proposals from 28 countries, 17 clickable prototypes in just 12 weeks, and four winning apps for social good — made possible through crowdsourcing.

We’ve learned what can happen when revolutionaries partner with innovation giants — we can make the impossible, possible.

Sabeen Ali
Founder & CEO of AngelHack

In 2016, Topcoder worked with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) on the Living Progress Challenge, an innovative program that sought to create digital solutions that improve people’s lives. HPE asked the global community to submit ideas and proposals that addressed an important question: what software tools and applications would you create to improve people’s lives?


HPE received more than 130 proposals from 28 countries around the world, and ultimately selected 17 teams to rapidly build on their ideas with a Topcoder Appathon. In just 12 weeks, teams worked with the Topcoder Community to develop UI/UX design concepts and clickable application prototypes that let HPE judges visualize user experience and further evaluate the proposals.

Ten of the 17 teams were selected to demo their solutions live on stage at the HPE Living Progress Challenge Finals in Brooklyn, NY. A panel of judges selected four finalist teams to complete development of their solutions with the crowdsourced design and development talent in the Topcoder Marketplace. The four winning apps were:

All for Good
Uses machine learning to help people connect with volunteer work that matters to them.

Mentor Me
Connects young adults with mentors based on factors such as interests, skills, and geography, and also provides users with tools to measure program success.

Helps informal financial groups in developing countries track savings and loans; groups can easily monitor balances and provide intra-community loans for new businesses.

Detect IT: Fish
Leverages HPE Vertica technology to combat illegal fishing by highlighting discrepancies in reported trade data of fisheries between countries.

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