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IT requests cost time and money. eBay wanted a sleek mobile application to optimize the worker experience and it needed to be dead simple to use. See how crowdsourcing delivered.

The fact that there is this quality of engineers all over the world, it really made me re-think how I resource the projects.

Marc Kocher
Sr. Manager, Engineering

When a technical problem arises it’s not usually a pleasant experience, let alone the process involved to remedy the disruption and its impact on productivity. eBay wanted to develop an easy to use application that would allow executives to request IT service assistance on the go, and provide support for requests via phone, SMS, and onsite technical help.

Starting from nearly scratch with just a feature set wish list and rough mock-ups, Topcoder shepherded eBay through several crowdsourcing challenges spanning design UX, prototypes, and assembly. This seamless design interface comprised a savvy back-end architecture and utilization of modern languages which came together in unison in the resulting GetHelp App. GetHelp flawlessly manages the collaboration between users on support requests fulfilled by phone assistance, aid by SMS, and onsite help. A high-touch support application went from idea to deployment in just 4 months, and provides instant communication and feedback between users for speedy resolution of support requests.


Uber, Netflix, Airbnb… We love to point at these newer disruptive models and shower them with kudos. But long before they existed, eBay broke ground and delivered to the world a brand new marketplace. One in which peer-generated user ratings gained validity and e-commerce emerged from the murky shadows of Can I trust this? … to … I’m buying that right now! Today, eBay Inc. is a multi-billion dollar business, operating several auction sites and e-commerce properties.


eBay wants to develop a hybrid application that allows executives the ability to quickly request IT technical service help. The application will support requests for phone, sms and onsite technical help. The client has provided mock-ups of their proposed process but they are looking for additional guidance and design on how to make this as simple and seamless for the user as possible.


The results of the challenge were graphic mobile storyboards created over 8 days. We received 5 submissions at the design checkpoint and 3 submissions during the final.

We are current developing the HTML5/Angular prototype.

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