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16 days to deliver insights to help target the right end user, increase ROI, and become more responsive to data. Learn how a global audiovisual electronics manufacturer gained invaluable insights into their business quickly through crowdsourcing.

We got the value we thought we would. We got quality submissions and the ideation proved the model. What took the crowd 3 weeks took us nearly all of last year to complete. The result is that now we have an actionable plan. We will absolutely do this again!

Global CIO

Setting The Scene

In 2014, an audiovisual electronics manufacturer released a wireless music system that allows you to seamlessly control all of your music from anywhere in your home — whether you’re playing different songs in different rooms or the same one in every room. As a smaller company with a global presence, they wanted to better understand their existing users in order to more effectively target new ones. However, they lacked the bandwidth and technical expertise to do so in-house.

How We Helped

Fast-forward to 2016: the company shared 200,000+ lines of device activation data from around the world with Topcoder. Our global community then analyzed the data, and in just 3 weeks, we delivered high-level and granular insights — from product usage information to specific user listening habits to locations where the products were used, and beyond. Through their creative data analysis, the Topcoder Community gave the company everything they needed to tackle burgeoning markets, better engage existing listeners, and target new users.

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