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Brivo Labs has a bold vision for the future of IoT. Learn how they used crowdsourcing to deliver a full year ahead of plan.

The strategic innovation of the topcoder community (Topcoder Crowdsourcing Solution) enabled us to go hard and go fast out-of-the-gate, executing our vision to simplify and enhance everyday experiences on a modest budget. The quality of work was top notch and everything that was promised was delivered, if not exceeded.

Lee Odess
VP, Marketing & Enterprise Sales

The idea of connecting a physical space with your social profile through the use of an application may seem far off to many, but to Brivo Labs they saw an opportunity to create a better, more seamless future. Brivo Labs had the sensational ideas but lacked access to talent that could help them execute on their vision. The crowd would make it possible for Brivo Labs to create products quickly and efficiently.

Using Topcoder, Brivo Labs accomplished everything from the creation of their brand new SAM (Social Access Management) API, to 3 distinct mobile applications utilizing iBeacon and Bluetooth low energy connectivity, and even a Google Glass application demonstrating their innovative platform. Traditional methods would have taken at least 18 months to execute on these innovations, through crowdsourcing, Brivo Labs was releasing products within half a year, helping them beat competitors to market.


Brivo Labs is a disruptive company focused on the Internet of Things and the possibilities around the emerging Social Access Management market. What does this mean? They are creating new converged (digital + physical) experiences where physical venues interact with humans, on a one-to-one level through sensor and mobile technologies, creating better, safer, frictionless live experiences.

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