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A lightning fast, extremely useful iOS app, backed by the power of Salesforce’s Service Cloud – created in just 10 weeks.

What if there was an app in which you could immediately report public problems or issues, such as an accident, suspicious behavior, or even a pothole to get assistance more quickly? An app that requires no superheroes, but rather supercharges the average citizen via their mobile device?

Booz Allen Hamilton wanted such an application that would allow citizens to have access to area information along with the ability to submit service requests. Essentially, the ideal app would have all the bells and whistles necessary to report, track, and share issues with cities, municipal entities and a variety of networks. Topcoder partnered up with BAH to create the 311 Incident Reporter app, an iOS app built with Swift and backed by the power of Salesforce’s Service Cloud. Users of the 311 app can report a number of public issues from anywhere and map issues seen in the vicinity, complete with the ability to provide detailed description and video from the mobile device. The app then alerts the entity responsible for responding based on the classification of the issue in order to respond quickly. App users can get issue updates on the go, have the ability to comment on other issues reported nearby, and can elevate importance for various issues as necessary. Forget calling in a superhero to save they day; this app can create a call to action for issues big or small, straight from the palm of your hand.


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