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What if you had a bold idea, 48 hours and the Topcoder design pros by your side? See how the HILO mobile app concept came to life through brilliant designs in just 2 days time.

What if you had a bold idea, 48 hours and the Topcoder design pros by your side… what might get created? We found out live in San Francisco at the 2014 Topcoder Open as some of our community’s top creative minds tackled this unique design UX challenge.


3D Systems is re-creating our physical world, literally. The industry leader in advanced 3D Printing and related technologies such as Haptics and 3D Scanning, 3D Systems is focused on reshaping how the world innovates, prototypes, and manufactures through their devices and technologies. Though focused on the physical world, 3D Systems understands it’s the software, applications, and user experiences that will drive the masses to the technology.

About the App Design

HILO is a futuristic application idea that allows a user to mash-up their own mobile photography with the ability to 3D Print a litany of popular products. The app concepts boasted scores of customization and creativity and painted a colorful vision for our client 3D Systems as they seek to introduce the world to the wonders of 3D Printing.

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