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Start Crowdsourcing in Minutes

Topcoder Connect captures your requirements in a few simple steps and ensures the Topcoder Community has all the details necessary to make your project a success. No crowdsourcing experience necessary.

Create a project in seconds, and then use the interactive guide to describe or upload your requirements.

Start a Project

Collaborate With Your Team

Invite members of your team to help flesh out visual design or technical requirements. Team members can be added or removed at any point throughout your crowdsourcing project.

Submit your project once you’ve entered or uploaded all requirements and are ready for work to begin.

Get Expert Crowdsourcing Assistance

Every project is assigned a copilot—an elite member of the Topcoder Community who manages crowdsourcing logistics and provides guidance throughout your project. Your copilot will be with you every step of the way.

Use the messaging features in Connect or tools like Slack to communicate with your copilot anytime questions arise.

Stay Abreast of Progress

The project dashboard always displays the status of your crowdsourcing project, and Connect delivers email notifications when milestones are reached or actions are required.

Check the dashboard to see the remaining project duration and status reports posted by your copilot.

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