The PseudoVet Challenge

Compete to build software for Veterans



in prizes!

Topcoder is working with HeroX, and Operation Code to help patients inside and outside of the VA network

The PseudoVet Challenge

Help build software for Veterans!

Can you help us develop the future version of PseudoVet? 

Today, PseudoVet is an automated patient data fabrication engine used by software developers at the VA. It provides a set of active synthetic patients and clinical data that can be used for healthcare software development without exposing patient health information or personally identifiable information. 

However, current fabricated data sets are outdated, which requires development teams to spend time developing data sets to use in lieu of writing code, or require licenses and cannot be shared.

Challenge Objective

In this challenge, competitors are tasked with building PseudoVet, software that will:

  • populate new synthetic patients into a database
  • continuously create new appointments, lab values, progress notes, diagnosis and procedures that are relevant to real-world scenarios
  • assign a configurable percentage of patients with service connected disabilities based on common war-era disabilities/traumas. 

Why Does This Challenge Matter?

You can help patients inside and outside of the VA network by competing to build a system that creates and updates synthetic patient data to provide more relevant development data. 

Ultimately, PseudoVet will reduce the time required to develop useful simulated patient data and improve the reliability and usefulness of test data by producing data that is realistic with respect to actual patient population snapshots. 

Your work could benefit thousands of patients inside and outside of the VA network.



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The VA PseudoVet Challenge offers you multiple ways to win big prizes totaling over $100,000

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August, 2017

February , 2018

Put your skills to the test and create a software engine

that will help software developers at the VA better serve patients.

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