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Competition breeds innovation, and the best way to tackle your most challenging problems is to foster friendly competition amongst teams of employees and brand advocates.

The Topcoder Marketplace makes it easy to ignite your innovation initiatives with crowdsourcing. You sponsor individuals or teams to develop competing ideas around an industry or topic-specific problem, and then choose the best ideas to fund for further development. Teams with winning proposals work with the Topcoder Community to turn their ideas into high-quality application design concepts and code.

With Topcoder powering your innovation program, you can quickly bring 20, 40, or even 60 apps from idea to minimum viable product (MVP). All deliverables are fixed-fee and you pay only for your teams’ winning solutions, not hours.  

Why use crowdsourcing to fuel innovation?

Your employees, customers, and brand advocates have great ideas for apps that can transform your business, but turning dozens of app ideas into MVPs takes time and skills that can be hard to find. The Topcoder Marketplace gives you on-demand access to the people and talent you need to fuel your innovation teams—and quickly bring their ideas to life.

Innovation Products and Programs

Use these products and programs to jumpstart, sustain, and accelerate innovation efforts.


DURATION 10 - 14 Days
DELIVERABLES Multiple solution concepts with detailed technical approaches


DURATION 12 - 36 Weeks
DELIVERABLES Dozens of app designs, prototypes, and MVPs that solve an industry or topic-specific problem

Innovation App Center

DURATION 6-24 months
DELIVERABLES Dozens of app designs, prototypes, and MVPs that drive internal innovation

Look who's innovating with crowdsourcing

  • IBM
  • BAH
  • DOE
  • HPE
  • Swift

20 app MVPs in only 12 weeks? Yes.