Marathon Competition Final Results

By: Nickolas
2010 TopCoder Open Marathon Competition featured a variety of problems which required untangling a graph on the plane, exploring cellular automaton, learning graph isomorphism properties and finally finding your way out of a collapsing maze - meaning that any finalist had to be really erudite, as well as tough enough to code through the 24-hours final round. They turned out to be both, and put up an impressive struggle for the top position in the final ranklist. The champion's title went to wata who took part in both Algorithm and Marathon finals - an impressive achievement on itself. The second place was taken by chokudai who took the lead on provisional tests, and doudouille climbed to third place all way from 8th provisional rank.
1. wata
2. chokudai
3. doudouille
4. ploh
5. Psyho
6. nhzp339
7. ainu7
8. ACRush
9. irakli
10. jdmetz
11. O_O
12. tpelkone

Congratulations to wata, our 2010 TopCoder Open Marathon Competition Champion!


TopCoder got the chance to interview Marathon Champion, wata.

TC: How did it feel to see your name on the scoreboard as the TCO10 Marathon Champion?
wata: I was in second in the preliminary scoreboard, so I was really surprised to become champion.

TC: How did you approach the problem at the same time you fought the lack of sleep during the 24 hours?
wata: Around the dinner, I became really tired and sleepy. I'm not so tough, so I laid down and rested my mind with drinking much coffee.

TC: After the 24 hours were up, what is the first thing you did?
wata: Because I had an Algorithm semifinal, I returned to the hotel room and slept in a hurry.

TC: Who do you think was your toughest opponent during the TCO10 Marathon Competition?
wata: It's chokudai. He is a really tough guy. I heard that he did 24-hours coding for practice many times during the summer vacation.

TC: Now that you've won, are you going to keep on competing at TopCoder? What is your next goal?
wata: Of course, I'll keep on competing. This year, I became Marathon and Algorithm finalist, and Marathon champion, so my next goal is to become dual champion!

TC: Of course, last but not least, what will you do with your big prize?!
wata: I'll use it to improve my English so that I can answer interviews smoothly next year

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