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jmpld40Welcome to the Lilly Chat!
Lilly_PatrickHello all, welcome to the Lilly Chat
Lilly_KorkutHi All
Lilly_DerrickHello everyone
CrazyScratcher1st question: Do you have openings in Singapore office? :)
Lilly_Patrickyes we do
Lilly_PatrickSoftware Engineers
Lilly_PatrickOO analysis and design
Lilly_PatrickC# .Net, Oracle
Lilly_Patrickfull System Development Life Cycle
szzeretlekdo you plan to have an office in Romania?
CrazyScratcherWhat kind of software you are developing?
Lilly_PatrickIntegration of large data sets
Lilly_Patrickgene expression, protein interaction, in vivo imaging
Lilly_Patrickcelular imaging
CrazyScratcherWhat kind of skill sets you are looking for for the Software Engineers position?
Lilly_Patrickbring together large data sets for scientist to do drug discovery
Lilly_PatrickFull System Development Life Cycle
Lilly_Patrickrequirements gathering, analysis, design, construction, testing
Lilly_PatrickOO development
Lilly_PatrickC# can be learned
CrazyScratcherSo it's more on the OO/UML, instead of like Graphic/3D imaging, etc?
sohelHare you focusing on any specific geographic region?
Lilly_Patrickfor development and design OO/UML
Lilly_Benoityes we are, hopfully populating our Singapore Office
Lilly_Patricklots of visualization
Lilly_Patrickthat is where the 3D would come in
CrazyScratcherso is experience in 3D-imaging a required skill?
sohelHare you hiring ppl only from singapore or from anywhere in the world?
Lilly_PatrickMostly USA and Singapore, but some in Europe
Lilly_KorkutsohelH: anywhere
mr.johnhow to apply?
sohelHwhat is the interview process? How many steps are there?
mr.johnis there ny interview process?
Lilly_Derrickyes there is an interview process
Lilly_Patrickplease work through katie Kittle
katiemr.john: hello! please email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
Lilly_KorkutCrazyScratcher: no, it may help though. usually linked to 3d you end up learning whole other stuff
katiemr.john: i would be happy to get you into the process
katiemr.john: my pleasure
sohelHHow highly do you rate topcoder colors?
mr.johnadmins: katie
Lilly_Patrickjust a color to me, I don't pay that much attention to it
gabitzish1how old do I have to be to work at Lilly ?
mr.johnadmins: i want to forward my resume?
CrazyScratcherLilly_Korkut: ah ok, thanks
Lilly_Benoitgabitzish1: you need to be atleast 18 to get the visa
Lilly_Derrickthere is no specific age
katiemr.john: i am an admin but working specifically with Eli Lilly.
Lilly_Derrickbut yeah u need to fit legal requirements
Lilly_Patrick18 + but we are normally after college graduates
gabitzish1thanks :)
mr.johnkatie: ok
sohelHare you looking for fresh graudates or experienced people or both?
lexgasdo you have internship offers for undergraduates ?
-AlexandeR-Lilly_Patrick: I'm beginner in programming, explain me what '00' means?
szzeretlekwhat is the starting salary for a fresh graduate?
Lilly_DerrickOO stands for object oriented programming
Lilly_Korkut-AlexandeR-: object oriented
Lilly_PatrickObject Oriented Programming
OctavariumHi Lilly! I love you guys :)
Lilly_DerrickThank you!
Lilly_KorkutsohelH: both, as usual experience helps
Lilly_Derrickwe do not currently have any internships planned
sohelHHow big is the office in Singapore [in terms of number of employees]
Lilly_Patrick90 + and growing
sohelHthat's great
goldfinchI live in Russia. Do I have a theoretical chances to join you in Singapore?
jbnpaulThe Singapore office is dedicated for Computer related work?
Lilly_Benoitgoldfinch: we have ppl from alover the world
Lilly_Korkutgoldfinch: depends on interviews :)
Lilly_Patrickit is fairly easy to get a work visa in Singapore as long as you have a company sponsoring you
Lilly_Benoitjbnpaul: we do both science and computing
Lilly_Patrickso yes, based on your talent and experience
CrazyScratcherHow is the working environment there, like working hours?
Lilly_Patrickflexable work hours, we are all at home for this chat
jbnpaulSo does Lilly sponser candidates from other contries?
Lilly_KorkutCrazyScratcher: flexible pretty much. as long as you complete your tasks all is ok.
sohelHhave you recruited any member from topcoder yet?
CrazyScratcherDoes it involve travel a lot? Such as going to other HQs?
Lilly_Patrickthere is some travel
Lilly_Korkutjbnpaul: yes, we sponsor for visa
Lilly_Patricknot compulsitory but it helps
CrazyScratcherWhat kind of education/training opportunities are available for employees?
Lilly_Patrickmost of our projects are global in nature
Lilly_Patrickwe have our own Lilly University and we sponsor several folks who are working on their PhD, etc
szzeretlekim very disappointed lilly poeple , i've asked you 2 questions but none of them got answers :(
Lilly_Derrickand the software we produce are used by Lilly scientists globally
sohelHwhat type of attribute do you give most importance to, when looking at resumes?
Lilly_Patrickbut that is on a case by case basis, based on work performance etc
Lilly_Patricklearning agility
jbnpaulWhat are the technologies Lilly work on or currently recruit for?
Lilly_Derrickwe have a lot of work in c#
Lilly_PatrickC# .Net, Oracle, UML
Lilly_Derrickbut we do have projects in c++ and perl as well
Lilly_Korkutjbnpaul: .net, oracle. soa design
Lilly_PatrickOO analysis and design
Lilly_MarkWe currently have development centers in Prague and Warsaw in Eastern europe. and also work with a company in Russia
jbnpaulThat is pretty good list to look for ...
katieszzeretlek: hello. i work for TC but work with Eli Lilly. Salaries for freshers or professionals is not a set number
Lilly_Benoitjbnpaul: it's a standard list for Uni grads
Lilly_MarkAnyone coming to Vegas.. later on this year ?
katieszzeretlek: if you are intersted in applying for positiongs with Lilly, i would encourage you to email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
Lilly_Korkutjbnpaul: you dont have to be an expert in all of them, currently it will involve a good working knowledge of .net technologies
szzeretlekkatie: ok
katieszzeretlek: positions...sorry, typig is poor this early ;)
sohelHkatie: typig :)
katiesohelH: :) i'm still asleep obviously!
jbnpaulyes i understand. I am based at Bangalore India
jbnpauland work in c++ currently
Lilly_Patrickkatie: early for you ;)
katieLilly_Patrick: indeed :)
Lilly_Korkutjbnpaul: transition is not that hard to .net as long as u're keen to learn
Lilly_Korkutjbnpaul: there are development work done in c++ as well but relatively less
Lilly_Derrickin terms of syntax, c# is not that big a difference from c++
Sunny_05Lilly_Mark: wat does elilly actually do??
Lilly_Derrickthe understanding of the .net framework plays a bigger part
szzeretlek ca.
jbnpaulyes in, programming it is not the syntax that is more important, but it is the design and logic skills
Sunny_05Lilly_Mark: why does eli lilly want programmers??
Lilly_BenoitSunny_05: pharmaceutical company
rohitgupta14Lilly_Patrick: Which country do you usually prefer to recruit from for Singapore? Do you sponsor visas?
Lilly_BenoitSunny_05: Because we have software needs
Lilly_MarkSunny : Lilly Makes novel pharaceutical medicines
Lilly_BenoitSunny_05: that can only be solved by programming our own software
Lilly_Derrickyes jbnpaul. Design is where oo analysis kicks in
Lilly_Korkutrohitgupta14: yes
Lilly_Markwe obviously generate a lot of scientific data... hence the need for programmers
Lilly_PatrickYes, we do sponsor visas
sohelHwhat's the story behind the name Lilly?
sohelHAFAIK, it's the name of a flower..
Lilly_BenoitsohelH: Name of a guy
Sunny_05Lilly_Benoit: does eli lilly give internship oppurtunity??
sohelHMr. Lilly?
sohelHwhen was this company established?
Lilly_PatrickLilly is greater than 130 years old
CrazyScratcherimportant question: What kind of benefits you give to employee? :)
Lilly_Patrickwe have been in Singapore for Drug Discovery since 2002
Sunny_05Lilly_Benoit: wat does ur company want from topcoder??
Lilly_DerrickCrazyScratcher: Do u like happy hours? =)
Lilly_Patrickwe have a full and comprehensive benefits package
Lilly_Patrickdifferent for each country based on law of the land etc
Lilly_Patrick40 K employees world wide
CrazyScratcherLilly_Derrick: haa, sounds interesting, maybe can elaborate more? ;)
CrazyScratcherLilly_Patrick: how about Singapore office? I'm based in Singapore
Lilly_Patrick20,000 USA and 20,000 over the rest of the world
HyoCheolWhat kind of work will I do if I go to there?
Lilly_KorkutSunny_05: help us to fill few positions.
sohelHLilly_Korkut: have you recruited any from topcoder, yet?
Lilly_KorkutHyoCheol: software engineering
Lilly_DerrickCrazyScratcher: There are 90+ employees in Singapore right now and we are continuing to expand
Lilly_KorkutsohelH: not in singapore yet, no
jbnpaulIs singapore is the only location where you do software developement
sohelHAre you guys software engineers working at Lilly or HR guys?
Lilly_MarkNo.. lol not HR, I run a team of developers
Lilly_KorkutsohelH: i am a software engineer
Lilly_Derrickjbnpaul: Nope. Its one of the locations where we do software dev
Lilly_Markworking on prototypes... and new concepts
Lilly_DerrickI am a software engineer =)
sohelHhave any of you participated in topcoder contests, yet?
HyoCheolWhen this chat room closed?
sohelHHyoCheol: before the srm starts.
Lilly_BenoitsohelH: personally Not tOpcoder, but things like it.
Lilly_DerricksohelH: Unfortunately no...
HyoCheolI'm visiting my friend who interested in sigapore work.
jbnpaulCan you describe the type of work you do in a few words?
Lilly_Benoitjbnpaul: Software development
Lilly_Derricksoftware tools to aid drug discovery process
vjticodersLilly_Benoit: Hi, Can I get to know what kind of work Lilly is currently doing?
sohelHof the 90+ people that are there, are most of the software engineers or does it constitute mostly of pharmacuticle guys.
jbnpaulCan you be little more specific especially from technical perspective
jbnpaulCoz drug discovery is unknown field for computer guys i hope ...
Lilly_Patrickabout half are in computational areas
Lilly_Patricksome SEs and some Informaticians
Lilly_Korkutjbnpaul: eg. i do component and plugin design in C# and Java, as well as architecting services around the datastores.
sohelHthe 5 of you here, do you all work in the singapore branch?
Lilly_Derricki do development and design in c# and c++
Lilly_Benoitjbnpaul: We all work hhere exp Mark
Lilly_PatrickSoftware Engineers (SEs) and Informatics Scientist (PhD in Biology or Chemistry but know how to code) work together to develop tools for drug discovery
Lilly_BenoitsohelH: oops that was for you.
vjticodersLilly_Benoit: So what kind of skills you are looking in a person if you want to hire??
alabaxHow wide do you use mathematical modelling and numerical methods?
Lilly_PatrickObject Oriented (OO) Analysis and Design
Lilly_Patricka lot
Lilly_Patrickmathematical modelling and numerical methods
Lilly_Patrickbig part of what we do
Lilly_Korkutalabax: statistics comes in to the picture quiet often due to the large size of data sets as well.
jbnpaulIt sounds interesting ...
jbnpaulhow much is the size of the data analyzed in GBs TBs etc?
alabaxLilly_Korkut: I guess statistics is about microbiology, isn't it?
Lilly_PatrickWe have TBs of data
rohitgupta14Lilly_Patrick: You don't seem to have any technical job opening for fresh graduates, on your site
Lilly_Patrickimaging, gene expresion, etc all take up a lot of space
Lilly_PatrickWe are looking for senior individuals but are filling in with fresh graduates as well
Lilly_Korkutalabax: yes some part of it. some of the subset includes array analysis
Lilly_Patrickjust not advertised on the LSCDD site
cjm-neuI'm a bachelor. Will your company employ bachelors?
Lilly_Patrickyes we do
katiehello anyone just joining! if you are interested in knowing more about Eli Lilly, please email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
Lilly_PatrickI am a bachelor degree as well
Lilly_MarkI have a BSC in Biochemisty (But now work in IT)
alabaxDo you guys know biology as well?
rohitgupta14Lilly_Patrick: ok.. what skills are you looking for in freshers? Especially I would like to know about the range of TC rating that you choose from
Lilly_Derrickalabax: I do not have that much knowledge in biology when I joined
Lilly_Benoitalabax: I do, but i studied it, the SE, learns them on the fly...
Lilly_Patrickfull system development life cycle
Lilly_Derricka lot of these knowledge are learnt on the job
cjm-neuWhat qualifications will you require for a bachelor?
sohelHrohitgupta14: they don't search for specific color/rating ranges.. but high rating obviously helps
Lilly_Patrickrequirements gathering, analysis, design, construction (coding), testing, implemetation
CodeHiveLilly_Mark: Hi Mark, is it possible for Li
CodeHiveLilly_Mark: lily to hire guys in China mailand to work in Singapore?
HyoCheolHow should I do contact your company after closing this room.
Lilly_BenoitCodeHive: there are many Chineses mainlanders here
Lilly_Patrickplease work through katie Kittle at TC
katieHyoCheol: hello, you can email me at kkittle@topcoder.com. i'd be happy to assit you
Lilly_Patrickshe can help set up futher discussions
s-n-e-e-rwhere Lilly have its offices.. where do u guys work ?
alabaxIn the continuation of Codehive's question does Lilly assist with relocation?
Lilly_DerrickWe all work in Singapore, except for Mark
Lilly_MarkI work in the UK (40 miles out from London)
Lilly_Benoits-n-e-e-r: everywhere around the world. we are in Singapore
Lilly_MarkMain headquarters is in Indiana USA
nehabhatt007hello, does Lilly deals only in biological and pharmacetical produtcs ?
rcm_b05lilly admins here?
ahm.kam_92oa12gb: enta dakhel
ahm.kam_92oa12gb: ??
Lilly_MarkWe do animal... medicines as well
oa12gbahm.kam_92: la2
ahm.kam_92oa12gb: :( leeh
s-n-e-e-rhow big (in terms of ppl) is L ?
Lilly_Mark40,000 people
ahm.kam_92oa12gb: mesh 3ayez akhosh lewa7dy
Lilly_Patrick40,000 workd wide
sohelHs-n-e-e-r: and 90+ in singapore
oa12gbahm.kam_92: 5osh we warene nafsak
rcm_b05what positions are available?
ahm.kam_92oa12gb: la2a, ezzay ya3ni
ahm.kam_92oa12gb: manta lazem tekhosh
nehabhatt007do u take oonly experienced people ?
ahm.kam_92oa12gb: 3ashan netchallenge ba3d
ahm.kam_92oa12gb: meen yegeeb score a7san
sohelHrcm_b05: software engineering
ahm.kam_92oa12gb: yalla ba2a, balash habal
lexgas\find astronomy
ahm.kam_92oa12gb: argook khosh
rcm_b05job criteria
jikiwikido I need 2400+ score to get a job?
ahm.kam_92oa12gb: maba7ebesh el srms elly mabeykhoshahash 7ad
jikiwikiI'm just curious whenever rating matters :]
Lilly_Patrickwe really do not pay that much attention to your score
cjm-neuEnglish is not my mother tongue, so what English-level should I reach before working in Lily?
s-n-e-e-rhom many out of this 40K ppl are software developers ?
Lilly_Benoitcjm-neu: English is the working language here, across Lilly
abhicoolLilly_Patrick: hi, how are you?
jonatan-kHi, Lilly representatives!
nehabhatt007Lilly_Patrick: If score does not matter, whats the basic criteria to do recruitment ?
Lilly_Derrickcjm-neu: your english seems alright based on your reply
thocev5katie: just curious, how many topcoders have been recruited so far by any company?
jonatan-kI have a question about hiring in EU
s4sagarabhicool: Hee hee :P
Lilly_Patrickabhicool: good and you?
cjm-neuLilly_Derrick: Thank you
Lilly_Patrickthat is why we interview
jonatan-kare positions in Warsaw are still open?
abhicoolLilly_Patrick: me too good... by any chance you remember me ? :)
Lilly_Patrickscore is one small aspect
Lilly_Derrickknowledge in oo analysis and software design would be important criteria
katiethocev5: i don't have an exact number off hands but dozens and dozens overall
abhicools4sagar: hey whats up ?
Lilly_Patrickyes I do
Lilly_MarkYes...there are a number of positions in Warsaw open.
-AlexandeR-Good luck to all
jonatan-kI had short mail exchange with Katie, I think, about work in Warsaw
Lilly_Korkutgood luck
ortschunhow can you test the oo criteria with this contest
nehabhatt007Lilly_Patrick: Thanks !! how many recruitments have been done through TC ? if i can ask ? :)
mr.johnThnx to lilly community
jonatan-kand now this subject is suspended, as I see
Lilly_MarkYes...go through Katie, she has all the details.
Lilly_PatrickI have spoken with many
jmpld40yes, thanks Lilly folks!
katieGood luck everyone and please email me at kkittle@topcoder.com if you are intersted in applying to Eli Lilly