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Chat transcript from SRM 396
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nitdgphatred: hi
OctavariumHi Lilly :)
nitdgpLilly_Andy: hi
nitdgpLilly_Andy: Do you have opportunities in India?
Lilly_AndyHi - welcome to the Eli Lilly Chat session - we have people from different parts of our Discovery IT business, that is the area of IT which supports Drug Discovery and Development, we are happy to try
Lilly_Andyand answer any questions you may have
nitdgpLilly_Andy: hii
Lilly_Andyhi , regarding India we do not have any open positions in India
nitdgpLilly_Andy: what about internship opportunities?
togi_never heard of lilly
Lilly_AndyInternship programs are generally focused on select US Universities
anderswcLilly_Andy: is Lilly interested in students from Rose-Hulman?
mad_potty_headWhat about the oppurtunities for egyptien computer science post graduates?
Lilly_AndyYes - we have a number of people he have joined Lilly agfter graduation from Rose-Hulman
connect4Do you accept students whose diplomas are written on a roll of toilet paper?
anderswcdo you often have internships available for students?
Lilly_Andymostly we are using C# for production solutions
jbnpaulconnect4: where is it done that way?
Lilly_Andybut we do have... other technologies, as well, we have some legacy Java, and coldfusion as well.
anderswcare you planning to transfer the legacy Java to C#?
Lilly_Patrickconnect4: What kind of question is that?
anderswcor are you still planing to use it?
Lilly_Andyconnect4: No - thats not the kind of Diploma we usually accept
connect4jbnpaul: ummm.... the university of connect4? :)
connect4Lilly_Andy: awwww that sucks... then are you in need of any chemists? :)
jbnpaulLilly_Andy: Why is the choice of C#
d000hgLilly_Andy: Are you just here to talk about full-time onsite opportunities?
Lilly_Andyconnect4: however - if your diploma is based on a scientific investigations it may be different
live8dogHamed: Hamed chand salete?
yvsHi. I'd like to ask you about how you choose candidates. Is it primary for EliLilly CO to employe candidates with strong algorithm skills, or maybe it is not really primary feature of the successful candidate.
Lilly_Patrickconnect4: We use C# .Net due to all of the components available for it, we can purchase a lot of what we need
Lilly_Andyd000hg: Primarily - however we are also here to help you understand a little about Lily as a company
d000hgLilly_Andy: I meant, is there anyone I could talk to about remote work... I am a remote contract programmer/designer/architect.
mad_potty_headLilly_Andy: what are the requirements do you need for C# developpers?
Lilly_Andyyvs: regarding candidate selection - there are many technical qualities and also personal qualities which we look for when hiring
Aamwhat type of application are you currently developing?
Lilly_Andyd000hg: currently we do not look for people whose primary job junction is a remote worker - we really valkue the personal interactions and relationships gained with our scientific partners
mrtempooa12gb: entering??
mrtempooa12gb: hatnaffad lel dars?? :D:D:D
Lilly_JaroslavAam: There is large variety of applications we develop. Mostly helping scientists doing their work....
d000hgLilly_Andy: OK, thanks.
connect4So what type of science-y stuff are you guys working on? :) (And is there any convenient work interfacing instruments?)
Lilly_JaroslavAam: Regarding the architectural bit of apps - it's web apps, desktop apps and mixture of these two...
Lilly_MarkOK... lots of science stuff. examples Interface to scales, balances, lab instruments
Lilly_PatrickIntegration of different scientific data, proteomics, gene expression, in vivo imaging, etc
Lilly_Markdata processing, of scientifc data
AamLilly_Jaroslav: currently I am developing a web base DNA editor...
Lilly_Jaroslavconnect4: Some of the applications do interface scientific hardware like scales etc...
ingeniousmanwhat is eli lilly.
Lilly_Markautomation of machinery and lab instumentation
AamLilly_Jaroslav: Currently I am working a web base DNA editor...
Lilly_JaroslavAam: Sounds interesting...
anderswcingeniousman: eli lilly is www.lilly.com ;)
Lilly_Andyanderswc: yep - thats us
connect4Lilly_Jaroslav: Very cool. And where in the US are your current opportunities available?
Lilly_JaroslavAam: Indianapolis
AamLilly_Jaroslav: do you think my experience can be helpful for any of your product which are currently developing?
ahm.kam_92mrtempo: hey tempo
Lilly_JaroslavAam: Maybe. There's quite large variety of projects going on...
katieAam: hello. if you would like to have your credentials sent to Eli Lilly, please feel free to email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
d000hgIf a TC member applies, is their achievement in TC contests taken into consideration? Or would your application process be the same for anyone?
StevieTkatie: Does TC still have a sponsor openings page on the website? I can't seem to find one any more.
AamLilly_Jaroslav: thanks I will send.
Lilly_Andyd000hg: your contributions to TopCoder will demonstrate your technical competancies and assist in getting an interview, but the application itself would be
Lilly_Jaroslavd000hg: TC expresses your technical skills. It will definetely help you to get the interview. But in the end you would need to go through the rest of the process like other people would.
Lilly_Andyd000hg: processed in the same way as any other candidate
mrtempoahm.kam_92: hi basha
agarwal_kunal19do you provide employment in india.?
jmpld40StevieT: Here is the link.
AamLilly_Jaroslav: I am from Bangladesh. Can I apply from here?
ahm.kam_92mrtempo: brb
StevieTjmpld40: Thanks.
agarwal_kunal19what technologies or languages you are expecting from us..?
Lilly_AndyAam: you can apply from anywhere via Lilly.com or through Kattie at TopCoder, we do not currently have positions based in India though
ahm.kam_92mrtempo: welcome
Lilly_Jaroslavagarwal_kunal19: English, c# .net
StevieTLilly_Jaroslav: Where are you based and what sort of stuff do you do?
Lilly_PatrickWe look for individuals with good Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)
Lilly_JaroslavStevieT: There are quite few places over the globe where we hire to. Currently it is Poland, US (Indy), Singapour.
Lilly_JaroslavStevieT: I am based in Czech Republic.
AamLilly_Jaroslav: okay
agarwal_kunal19i am doing my graduation in Bio-informatics..will it add any extra credit for me..?
Lilly_Jaroslavagarwal_kunal19: I think yes.
ingeniousmantell me career opporunity at eli lilly
Lilly_PatrickBioinformatics degree will certainly help
ingeniousmani am undergraduate student in IT.
agarwal_kunal19what sort of field experience i am supposed to have..??
anderswcDo you positions for web developers (C#, VS, ISS, etc.)?
agarwal_kunal19as example i got my hands dirty with molecular dynamics...will it be usefull..??
Lilly_Andyingeniousman: We have a range of IT people in the Software Developers, Support, and business analysts scientific consultants (all the top people... just like at TopCoder)
Lilly_Jaroslavanderswc: Yes, as well. Quite a few of our project are web based.
StevieTLilly_Jaroslav: And what sort of stuff do you do? What's the most interesting project you've worked on at Lilly?
agarwal_kunal19do you offer any internsip program..??
Lilly_Andyagarwal_kunal19: Internship programs are generally focused on select US Universities
anderswcand is one of those select universities Rose-Hulman? :)
AamLilly_Jaroslav: what types of technologies do you used to develop softwares?
Lilly_JaroslavLilly_Jaroslav: My first project included inventory management - digital scales, barcode readers/printers and integration of ASP.NET and Winforms.
Lilly_Andyanderswc: it depands on the role - but we usually look for people with CS degree, plus experience - for new gradutes we look for extra development areas to help them be successful in our organisation
Lilly_JaroslavStevieT: The last answer was for you...
Lilly_Andyanderswc: Scientific background/knowledge is also useful
anderswcLilly_Andy: would work at RH Ventures be a good prerequisite?
Lilly_JaroslavAam: c#, .net, oracle - the main ones.
Lilly_JaroslavAam: For web and forms development...
firehellInternational guys, relax, April 7 is the last day for submitting applications for H1-B visa for this year. The game is over. Nobody will be able to start working until October, 2009
Lilly_Jaroslavfirehell: This is not only for US applicants. We currently hire for Poland and Singapour as well.
Lilly_Andyanderswc: I'm not familiars with Ventures (i'm in the UK) but i suspect it would not be detremental to an application
Hamedfirehell: I believe that only applies to the United States
StevieTLilly_Jaroslav: Are there many openings for technical computing? Or is it mostly working on IT systems?
firehellLilly_Jaroslav: Waw, good for Poland and Singapour:)
agarwal_kunal19Lilly_Andy: will it be usefull to get some certification for new ones..??
firehellHamed: That's right:)
Lilly_JaroslavStevieT: What do you mean with technical computing?
Lilly_JaroslavStevieT: Like HW stuff?
StevieTLilly_Jaroslav: For example developing technical codes used in drug development
StevieTLilly_Jaroslav: Protein folding simulation is big at the moment I understand.
agarwal_kunal19Lilly_Jaroslav: or molecular modelling..
Lilly_Andyagarwal_kunal19: Okay - yes, we do develop bespoke software for this, it takes many different forms, we also use commercial software where it make sense
Lilly_Andyagarwal_kunal19: You have all gone very quite - anything else on your minds?
StevieTLilly_Andy: Are there specific areas (geographically) where such development goes on?
Lilly_Andythat was meant for everyone - not just agarwal ;)
agarwal_kunal19Lilly_Jaroslav: yes...i asked about getting certifications..??
srik_samaare you specifically looking for or prefer to have people with statistical knowledge?
Lilly_AndyStevieT: Our Discovery and development sites are based in US, UK, Spain, Singapore
Lilly_Jaroslavagarwal_kunal19: We value more the real knowledge. But the certifications are good sign in the first place.
Lilly_PatrickWe do like individuals with statistical knowledge
abhicoolLilly_Andy: any opportunities for Indian candidates?
d000hgLilly_Andy: Where abouts in the UK?
Lilly_Patrickit is relevent in most of our studies
Lilly_Andyabhicool: AS i mentioned earlier - we do not have current opportunities in India, but you can apply through TC/Lilly.com
Lilly_Andyd000hg: Surrey
agarwal_kunal19Lilly_Jaroslav: as specified by you there is no work going on in your organisation in JAVA platform..??
Lilly_Andyabhicool: opportiuities in Singapore though
Lilly_Jaroslavagarwal_kunal19: There is actually. But preffered language-set for the new systems is .net.
abhicoolLilly_Andy: so can we apply for singapore location?
srik_samaapart from looking into acedemic background what other details you look to gauge statistical knowledge. more specifically, is there any certifications on statistics that might help?
Lilly_Andyabhicool: Yes - definitely
katieabhicool: hello, you can email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
StevieTLilly_Andy: Do you tend to have a recruitment cycle, or do you recruit all year round?
abhicoolLilly_Andy: should we mention with our application about the location of interest as well?
abhicoolkatie: okies sure... thanks
katieabhicool: my pleasure
Lilly_Patrickfor opportunities in Singapore
rasto6skeli lilly: do you have also some summer opportunities in Czech republic or UK?
Lilly_AndyStevieT: REcruitment takes place throughout the year - we do have existing partnerships with a number of UK universities were the course sconsists of a placement year, this has a cycle built around the academic year
5stevedo Lilly offer any opportunity for student intership program?
Lilly_Andyrasto6sk: no - we do not tend to have short-term jobs during the summer
Lilly_Andy5steve: Internship programs are generally focused on select US Universities
5steveum...not just for summer, how about co-op program
Kunde21Lilly_andy: which Universities?
Lilly_AndyKunde21: Lilly recruiting is conducted at major midwestern universities (eg. Purdue, IU, Iowa, Florida State Rose Hulmanetc) and internships arise from those interviews
Kunde21Lilly_andy: Thank you
Lilly_AndyKunde21: your welcome
Lilly_Andy5steve: not much i'm afraid - certainly not in our Discovery/development area
chtomekare there any particular frameworks you use and how important is strong math background?
dark_eyehi EssL
Lilly_AndyEssL: hi
Kunde21Lilly_andy: Are new applications developed very often, or are updates relied upon
Lilly_PatrickLots of new application development
Lilly_AndyKunde21: WE tend to do more work for new applications, although there is obviusly rewrite/revision work
Lilly_AndyKunde21: probably about 2 thirds 1 third in favour of new
Lilly_Jaroslavchtomek: It really depends on the application. Generally we would use .net framework but for specific needs we purchase specialized components.
Lilly_Jaroslavchtomek: Mathematical background can be definetely bonus.
5steveas far as i know, Lilly has something to do with medical.. but I dont really see the clear relationship between between comp sci and medical
tibixwhat about a Chemical background?
achyuthanhi all
Kunde215steve: research requires a lot of data analysis
Lilly_PatrickComputational science helps drive our biomarker development and personalized medicine
Lilly_Patrickit is closely related
Lilly_Jaroslavtibix: Quite a few of our project interact with chemists so any knowledge that would help you understand what was going on is really helpful.
Lilly_Andy5steve: Lilly is an innovative pharma company, we run assays and tests on many different
Lilly_Andy5steve: compounds and techniques, these generate huge quantities of data which require
agarwal_kunal19Lilly_Jaroslav: can i send my project report to you on molecular dynamics..??
5steveoh..icic thanks~
Lilly_Andy5steve: efficient analysis and visualisation - this is where much of the Comp science piece comes in
Lilly_Andy5steve: we probably don't have enough time to go into all the details - but the Comp science is vital to us
jbnpaulhow many employees does Lilly have and how many of them work on CS related work exclusively
Lilly_Andyjbnpaul: Lilly has approx 4200 employees
Lilly_Jaroslavagarwal_kunal19: You can include the reference in your CV. Contact katie about details.
Lilly_Patrickabout 40,000 employees world wide, around 1,800 in cs
ahmedsaadnewasmar: hey
5stevedo you mind briefly describing the project you are currently working on?
newasmarahmedsaad: basha
myprasannais today a money match?
newasmarahmedsaad: 3nd el coach
Lilly_Andyjbnpaul: these are divided up into various focus areas - manufacturing, sales etc.
Chmel_Tolstiymyprasanna: not
newasmarahmedsaad: asl ana lessa wasel
kemomyprasanna: no
myprasannaChmel_Tolstiy: oh ok thanks
Lilly_Andyjbnpaul: in discovery we have approx 250 people dedicated to the IT components
agarwal_kunal19Lilly_Jaroslav: thank u...
newasmarahmedsaad: ha7'ls el SRM w agy
jbnpaulLilly_Andy: thanks
Lilly_Andyjbnpaul: i mistyped earlier - we have approx 42000 employees - not 4200 - i missed a '0' !
Lilly_Jaroslav5steve: Yea - currently we develop an application that helps our scientific colleagues to plan course of a development of a drug.
aditya3414do you hire in India also
jbnpaulHa ha ... zero the most powerful digit isn't it ...
Lilly_Jaroslav5steve: This one is actually pure ASP.NET application....
5stevewow interesting
_M_M_M_is it some thing related to bioinformatics
Lilly_Andyjbnpaul: yes - it certainly is !
dilsePetr is the problem setter for todays match
Lilly_Andyaditya3414: we do not have any opportunities based in India - but we have in Singapore
hatreddilse: then no point competing :P
agarwal_kunal19Lilly_Jaroslav: any example for java application..??
jbnpaulDoes Lilly asist visa processing for international candidates or is interested in only candidates with work permit and all
aditya3414so what is the process of recruitment
JongManoops, missed registration
JongMangood luck, people
cromerome too
lewha0JongMan: thx
Lilly_PatrickYes we do assist Visa processing
Lilly_Jaroslavagarwal_kunal19: Basically the same application could be written in java. But as I said we focus more on .NET dev.
_M_M_M_good luck every one
Lilly_Patrickit is different in each country
swarnaprakashsanthanam: hi da
Lilly_Patrickbut we do help
Lilly_Andygood luck with th eARM !
swarnaprakashsanthanam: all the best
fountainheadnice of you !
shadowFastHi my
Lilly_Andythanks for all your questions - i hope you found it interesting
shadowFasthi myprasanna
tibixgl ppl
katiehello all. good luck in today's match. if anyone is interested in knowing more about lilly, please email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
Lilly_Andyand remember katie is our recruitment contact at TC
jmpld40Thanks Lilly for chatting!
santhanamsame to u
myprasannashadowFast: hey
jmpld40good luck everyone
5steveum..last q, what kinda quality are Liily looking for when hiring?
gogokefakefaLilly_Andy: what is elly lilly
zstreamLilly_Jaroslav: hello
VivekPemawatbest of lk to all
jbnpaulLilly_Patrick: Thanks ... nice talking to you guys. Moving onto SRM now
jmpld40any other questions post them in the Lilly Forum.
Lilly_Jaroslavzstream: Hello
Lilly_Patrickgood luck in the competitions everyone, thank you for chatting!!!
Lilly_Andy5steve: we are always looking to top quality developers - thats why we wourk with TC !
jbnpaulLilly_Patrick: Good luck all ...
VivekPemawatbest of lk to all guys
5steveThanks ~ :)
Lilly_Andygogokefakefa: Eli Lilly and Company is a leading, innovation-driven corporation committed to developing a growing portfolio of best-in-class and first-in-class pharmaceutical products that help people live longer, healthier and more active lives.
5stevenice chating with you! , goin to the contest now
Lilly_Andy5steve: your welcome