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jmpld40Welcome to the Betfair chat!
RobertDonaldSo, where do you guys have offices?
Betfair_AsherLondon, Romania, Malta, Denmark, Tasmania (Hobart), Melbourne Victoria
Betfair_Ashersure I've missed on there :)
UnknownHerois it possible to work over internet?
Betfair_Aaronno wait... my mistake you've got that in there Doh
Betfair_AsherSure - for the right sort of person, we'll look at remote working with spells in London
RobertDonaldAre there problems hiring people in the USA given online gambling laws there?
Betfair_Ashermost development is in London and Cluj-Napoka in Romania though
Betfair_AsherAh, the law in the states makes things interesting but we do have a few people working from the states
Betfair_Asherour CEO is actually from America
UnknownHerowhat kind of programmers you're looking for? i mean for what kind of work?
Betfair_AsherWe've never actually had a problem with the US government - Betfair only operates in jurisdictions we are legally able to
Betfair_AaronUnknownHero: We're primarily a java house however we also have roles for work with C++ and .net
woldsomAny advice for how to stand out and be considered for employment? (beyond having a good Topcoder rating ;)
RobertDonaldwas just thinking it'd make it hard to test your code if you're not allowed to use the service in your country. :) I'm sure that's been worked around though.
UnknownHeroi'm all in for java :P
Betfair_AaronUnknownHero: :-P
Betfair_AsherRobertDonald: You can test code in the states as long as you don't make a financial bet
UnknownHerothat means jsp too?
Betfair_AsherRobertDonald: so almost everything other than actually placing a bet is legal (enough)
Betfair_MattUnknownHero: We are always on the lookout for talented developers, at various levels. We have Java, C#, C++ code in various parts of the system
Betfair_AsherUnknownHero: It means JSP - if there's any really gun JavaScript developers we'd jump at them too
sohelHBetfair_Asher: how did you hear about topcoder? and what's the main reason for you guys to search here?
Betfair_AsherUnknownHero: Its really important to get good JavaScript/Front End Developers - its a tough set of skills and we really value them
woldsomI mean, you must have hundreds of candidates just through topcoder, and you probably have other recruitment avenues as well, what specifically do you look for?
Betfair_Aaronwoldsom: Good communications skills are a must.
Betfair_AshersohelH: We were invited to participate; TopCoder is a great way of finding new people who we just wouldn't get access to normally due to our physical location (London)
Betfair_AsherOh thats right, we've got another office up in Stevenage in the UK, towards Cambridge
UnknownHeroBetfair_Asher: i'm not that good in javascript, but i know java very well. Connecting java program with database, making jsp, etc.
sohelHdon't you have any offices in asia?
ashersyedhello asher
Betfair_AsherUnknownHero: Thats cool - we are after great programmers in Java specifically as well
Betfair_AaronsohelH: We currently don't have any offices in Asia unfortunately. :-(
Betfair_AaronsohelH: Hi relic
Betfair_Matthi relic
relicAre you hiring in the UK?
Betfair_Asherheya ashersy
ashersyeddo you hire actuaries
Betfair_Asherashersyed: unfortunately no, not at the moment
Betfair_Aaronrelic: We are currently hiring for roles in the UK yes
UnknownHeroBetfair_Asher: how much hours a day your stuff works?
Betfair_Asherashersyed: we do hire mathematicians though - one of our main go-to men is actually a mathematician - thats his job title :)
Betfair_Mattrelic: Yes we are hiring in the UK
Betfair_Mattrelic: Where are you based?
relicBetfair_Aaron: London
Betfair_AsherUnknownHero: Our systems operate 24 hours a day other than for planned outages
relicBetfair_Matt: London
Betfair_Aaronrelic: cool. Where abouts?
Betfair_AsherUnknownHero: and the occassional accidental outage
sohelHthat means there are no opportunities for guys from asia, currently?
Betfair_MattBetfair_Asher: :p
ashersyedBetfair_Asher: actuaries are basically mathematicians, i am preparing for soa currently
relicBetfair_Matt: I am a java developer...
relicBetfair_Matt: looking for a job...
Betfair_Asherashersyed: I know, just clearing up that its specifically the general maths/stats skills;
Betfair_Mattrelic: What kind of role are you looking for? I mean, what are your interests and aspirations
ashersyedBetfair_Asher: ok :)
bestpanditHi this is a .net developer with experience in Business Process Management i.e. SOA skill
Betfair_AsherOh, something we'd really like to hear about is keenness to learn new things as well
bestpanditwhat are the opportunities i am stil unrated
Betfair_Aaronrelic: excellent. If you take a look at our sponsors page on the top coder site or you can also apply through
ashersyedBetfair_Asher: so you are looking for c++ developers?
kcluneHere's the link to apply to Betfair Job opps:
Betfair_Asherbestpandit: BPM is probably not a great fit for us at the moment; SOA is though
Betfair_Aaronrelic: thanks kclune
Betfair_Mattthanks Kevin
Betfair_Aaronrelic: :-)
Betfair_Asherashersyed: You betcha - best to ask Betfair_Matt about that though
RobertDonaldSo, one word, I hope you don't mind me asking
sohelHBetfair_Aaron: how highly do you rate topcoder colors?
bestpanditthanks Betfair_ash
RobertDonaldDavid Curruthers. What's up with him?
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: hello matt are all positions in uk
relicBetfair_Aaron: I followed that link and applied...
Betfair_Mattashersyed: C++ developer positions are based in the UK
Betfair_Aaronrelic: Fantastic :-)
Betfair_AsherRobertDonald: I'm not sure we can comment on that legally
relicBetfair_Aaron: I sent a mail to
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: are .net dev also required?
relicBetfair_Aaron: no response :(
Betfair_AaronsohelH: We're looking for great developers so I would say that the colours provide a good indication however we are looking for a complete package and so would treat applications on a case by case basis :-)
Betfair_AsherRobertDonald: Betfair have not had issues with the federal government in the US though :)
Betfair_Aaronrelic: Patience is a virtue relic ;-)
TurningDo you know any topocoders from Betfair?
Betfair_Asherrelic: Just send another email if you don't have a response
Betfair_Aaronrelic: I'm sure someone will get in contact with you soon however. I'm sure there are just a large number of applications to date :-)
Betfair_AsherTurning: No, but we'd got to start somewhere
Betfair_Mattashersyed: We're keen to recruit high quality developers with experience with .net
Betfair_Mattashersyed: or Java, or C++
stoitchkovWill you recruit programers working on Linux and C?
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: ok, can u please tell me about the current type of work at betfair
Betfair_Asherstoitchkov: If you've got system administration skills it would help
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: i know all and have grid computing experiences as well :)
Betfair_Mattashersyed: i can tell you about the kind of projects I am working on
Betfair_Asherstoitchkov: Unfortunately we don't have a large number of systems programmers at the moment but this is likely to change over time
stoitchkovYes, I've been Linux system administration before
sohelHBetfair_Aaron: how many employees do you have in total?
stoitchkovBut now I am working on system programming
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: i can guess that you have a huge setup in terms of servers etc
Betfair_AaronsohelH: You know I'm not sure off the top of my head... I think it's about 2000.. Betfair_Matt, Betfair_Asher ?
Betfair_Asherstoitchkov: _please_ apply - if you've got sysprog and administration then it'd be great to have you
Betfair_AshersohelH: About 1400 full time around the world
Betfair_AaronsohelH: thanks Betfair_Asher :-)
stoitchkovashersyed: Do you have opening in US?
Betfair_AshersohelH: but growing fairly rapidly as we expand internationally - I think we've just provisioned a rather large office in Malta
Betfair_Mattashersyed: I work on Betfair's poker product. We need to take our current poker system to a new level in terms of size, reliability, and of course new features for the players. There is a LOT of work to do!
sohelHBetfair_Asher: Any plan to start a branch in the near future?
Betfair_Asherashersyed: And a lot of really interesting work in the Poker space - bit jealous of Matt sometimes ;)
sohelHBetfair_Asher: in asia?
Betfair_Mattashersyed: That involves both modifying our current product and writing new components
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: ok, yes i am in professional env. with above 2000 sql dbs
Betfair_Mattashersyed: What kind of work are you interested in doing?
stoitchkovBetfair_Matt: DO you have opening in US?
Betfair_AshersohelH: Lots of interest in doing something in the east asia area - gambling of course is illegal in some countries but we've got a great non gambling product called taikai that we're actively looking at promoting soon in east asia
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: very complex realtime processing :)
nitdgpDo you have opening in US?
nitdgpBetfair_Aaron: Do you have offices in india?
Betfair_AshersohelH: and we need to have a good think about south asia but not yet
Leonidbetfair: where do you have offices in UK?
Betfair_Aaronnitgdp: We currently don't have an office in India i'm afraid :-(
Betfair_Mattashersyed: I see. Are you interested in working on a client-server/distributed system?
Betfair_AsherLeonid: Hammersmith, west London and Stevenage north of london
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: yes and currently am
Betfair_Mattstoitchkov: Our main development office is in London. We do make arrangements for remote working in some cases.
Betfair_Ashernitdgp: no US presence but some ppl working there; no presence in india
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: remote working is great for me too
MichelangeloPMAny presence in the netherlands?
sohelHBetfair_Asher: have you guys participated in any topcoder matches?
Betfair_AsherMichelangeloPM: No, but Denmark we have an office
msuchopperwhat is the legality of someone working for you in the US? can you hire people there as you like?
Betfair_AshersohelH: Personally no, but I think some of the guys dabbled earlier on
Betfair_Mattashersyed: Usually we expect new developers to work in London for some time, before exclusively working remotely
Betfair_Mattashersyed: where are you based currently?
Betfair_Ashermsuchopper: We've got some people working in the US currently
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: pakistan :)
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: currently working for an offshore setup
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: based in uk :)
abhicoolBetfair_Asher: do you sponsor relocation ? (for foreign nationals)
Betfair_Mattashersyed: I see. Would you consider working in London?
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: yes
Betfair_Asherabhicool: It would have to be a special case, but in some cases we have done some form of sponsorship
Leonidbetfair: I've just graduated, I have experience in C++ and Oracle (mainly PL/SQL). Also very good academic results. What salary could you offer for "just-graduates", say, C++ developer?
Betfair_Aaronnitgdp: I believe the curreent salary offered on our technical graduate scheme is 26k per annum
abhicoolBetfair_Aaron: 26k .. currency ?
Betfair_Asherpounds sterling (GBP)
abhicoolBetfair_Asher: ohh
Betfair_Aaronabhicool: GBP :-)
Betfair_Mattashersyed: If you are interested in applying you can find the link in the chat history
[loku]Betfair_Aaron: Hi, i am Lokendra, a 2007 graduate from a premier Indian Tech University with excellent academic background
Betfair_Aaronabhicool: sorry had some network probs there for a second :-)
abhicoolBetfair_Aaron: np :-)
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: yes i have applied already and details of my exp in my resume
Betfair_AaronHi [
[loku]Betfair_Aaron: I have hands on programming experience with C++ of almost 2 and half years
Betfair_Aaronhi [loku]
[loku]Betfair_Aaron: Do you have any opportunity for a person like me at present ?
abhicoolBetfair_Aaron: What is the nature of work at Betfair ?
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: thank you matt
Betfair_Mattashersyed: You're welcome
Betfair_Aaron[loku]: Our graduate programme kicks off in September however I don't believe the company is willing to sponsor candidates for the graduate programme at present
Betfair_Mattashersyed: Your CV will be distributed to the different teams within the Engineering department
Betfair_Aaron[loku]: Would you be able to work in the UK?
[loku]Betfair_Aaron: yes
epsycoadmins: Do you offer Visa assistance for foreign candidates?
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: ok i have just uploaded an updated version
LeonidBetfair: What is a typical procedure of applying for a position in "Betfair"
leadhyena_inranepsyco: yes, depending on the circumstances of the competition
Betfair_Aaronabhicool: I personally work as a Junior J2EE developer on our Stack team which deal with Improvements and bug fixes to the Betfair site
beo_chay_socan I work online?
leadhyena_inranepsyco: when you qualify for an onsite event, you will be contacted by our staff
leadhyena_inranepsyco: who will lead you through that process
[loku]Betfair_Aaron: right now i am based at calcutta in India , but i dont have any problem in relocating
relicBetfair_Aaron: what does Stack team do?
bugzpodderanyone else's firefox 3 crashes 10 times a day?
ashersyedbugzpodder: nope :)
Betfair_Aaron[loku]: Well as long as you are legally able to work in the uK I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to apply for our graduate programme :-) The next intake is in september so if you are interested in applying then go to
ashersyedbugzpodder: using windows 2008 though :)
abhicoolBetfair_Aaron: so all work is on open source and java technologies ?
Betfair_Aaron[loku]: You shouod be able to locate everything you need to apply form there :-)
epsycoBetfair_Aaron: Will you provide assistance for Visa?
Betfair_Asherabhicool: Sorry jumping in on Aaron - we also extensively use Oracle and PL/SQL as well as a variety of .Net technologies
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: do family in uk helps in relocation?
[loku]Betfair_Aaron: actually i graduated in may 2007,will "Graduate programme" be an option for me ?
abhicoolBetfair_Asher: great!
ashersyedbugzpodder: you may have old plugins
bugzpodderashersyed: i see
Betfair_Aaronepsyco: I believe the company is willing to look into sponsoring visas for exceptional candidates however this is not the standard case and will not be extended to gradutes unfortunately :-(
Betfair_Asherabhicool: We try not to be too religious about technologies - right tool for job
Betfair_Asherabhicool: one of our guys - Alex de Vegori was PL/SQL developer of the year last year in the Oracle PL/SQL magazine
Betfair_Aaron[loku]: I believe Graduates are considered graduates for up to two years after they graduate so you should be fine :-)
epsycoBetfair_Aaron: cool! Thanks!!
abhicoolBetfair_Asher: wow!! thats cool
bugzpodderoops, this is the bet chat room... didn't know
[loku]Betfair_Aaron: ok :-)
Betfair_Aaronepsyco: No problem :-)
[loku]Betfair_Aaron: thanks anyway
Betfair_Aaron[loku]: No problem :-P
abhicoolBetfair_Asher: So, each developer gets plentyful of space to work around things his or her way
Betfair_Mattashersyed: Our HR team would be able to answer that better than me.
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: ok :)
Leonidbetfair:: Do you have any positions related to Poker software?
Betfair_Asherabhicool: Depends on the area - if its a really critical part of the system, funnily enough a lot of people have things to say; other than that, new parts of systems there's a great deal of freedom
Betfair_Asherabhicool: there's no point in hiring talented people if you don't let them get on with it - with the appropriate support from architects and those of us that can remember reel to reel tapes
Betfair_Mattashersyed: You'll have a chance to ask those questions during the recruitment proces
abhicoolBetfair_Asher: true enough!
Betfair_MattLeonid: We have some positions in the Poker development team.
Betfair_MattLeonid: What are you interested in?
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: ok, and please tell me if you use ms or linux oses, i am comfortable with nearly all plus embedded (symbian)
shankhsBetfair_Matt: Do u have branches in India coming up in near future?
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: been programming computers since 1991 :)
alecn2002hi Betfair]
alecn2002In what regions do you recruit?
Betfair_Asheralecn2002: mainly in the UK but open to the right person from anywhere
Betfair_Mattashersyed: The poker code is Windows based; much of the Java code runs on Linux.
Betfair_Mattashersyed: We might have some stuff running on Solaris, but I'm not sure
alecn2002hehe... dreaing to relocate to UK...
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: ok, and please tell me about the databases
Betfair_Mattashersyed: Mainly Oracle
Betfair_Asherashersyed: we run our Oracle DBMS system on Solaris - we'd look at Solaris for things we can't quite coerce Linux to do
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: some experience of managing solaris as well
Betfair_Aaronalecn2002: where abouts are you based now?
LeonidBetfair_Matt: I'm interested more in algorithms related to Poker
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: ok great :)
alecn2002Russia, Moscow
alecn2002Programmer with 25+years expirience
Betfair_Aaronalecn2002: cool. :-)
Betfair_Asherashersyed: also we're starting to be very virtualised - lots of Xen
Betfair_Mattashersyed: Sounds like you have a wide variety of experience :)
alecn2002Incl. ab. 10 years of Oracle
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: and i mainly use vmware for my own development too :)
alecn2002under Windows and under FreeBSD
Betfair_Asheralecn2002: Sounds impressive - I've got one of my team who is from Russia - he's one of our best
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: yes will look into xen now
alecn2002Well, we do have good programmers here -
Betfair_Asheralecn2002: We're very interested in experienced PL/SQL developers
Betfair_Aaronalecn2002: Wow. Impressive. What kinds of projects do you enjoy working on?
alecn2002one of our customers tell "if you have task you think it's impossible - give it to Russians"
alecn2002Oracle: ERP systems
Ferlonalecn2002: Sounds great )))
Betfair_Aaronalecn2002: cool :-)
Betfair_Mattashersyed: Yes, as Betfair_Asher says we are using it more and more
alecn2002namely: Maconomy and ...
SuperCompilerhey every body
awesome_ankszszDoes Betfair facilitate for summer internships for students?
SuperCompilerhey every body
Betfair_Asherawesome_ankszsz: yup
Betfair_Aaronalecn2002: hi sup
sumit.vaioshankh u der
Betfair_Asherawesome_ankszsz: I've got an intern working for me at the moment
alecn2002namely: and Compiere
Betfair_Asherawesome_ankszsz: although its not really "summer" in England at the moment - come out sun please!
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: ok, and any production system running on xen
vishal_2018hello sumit
awesome_ankszszfrom universities out of the UK also?
alecn2002namely: Did I get it right Betfair is a gaming company?
sumit.vaioshankhs:u der
alecn2002namely: online games?
vaniaSuperCompiler: ???
Betfair_Mattashersyed: I'm not sure about that - it's possible
Betfair_Asherawesome_ankszsz: You'd have to have the right proposal - and probably preferably be from the EU - it would almost not be worth it otherwise
sumit.vaioshankhs: oye bohot ho gaya
SuperCompileri hope every one enjoy the contest today :D
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: ok
Betfair_Mattashersyed: we are definitely heading that way
Betfair_Aarongagik: We currently don't hire contrcators on a remote basis. All of our outsourcing is controlled through our partner development department
sumit.vaioshankhs: sale bangali yaha hero mat ban
awesome_ankszszNo asian universities?
alecn2002abhicool: ;)
emiragasohelH: good luck in the SRM :)
awesome_ankszszlike from India where I am studying
vaniaSuperCompiler: ?? ?? ?? ?????
nktroxoi, lodu tu bhi hei yahan par
shankhshaan be
Betfair_Asherawesome_ankszsz: Unless you've got the right to work in the UK it would be difficult to be worthwhile for 6 months
shakti.abhisheknktrox: tu chutiya bhiu aa gaya
Betfair_Asherawesome_ankszsz: and difficult to supervise remotely
8888Is there anyone who come from china
sohelHemiraga: hi, do i know u?
Betfair_MattAnyone here from TCO2008?
sumit.vaionktrox:ek aur lodu h yaha
awesome_ankszszokay thanx!
TiaotiaoC H I N A
shankhspuri lodu ki fauz hai
8888good luck to everyone
Betfair_Asher8888: We've got some people who are from Hong Kong, but from a while back
emiragasohelH: from Malaysia, Emir Habul.
Leonidbetfair:: What is neccessary to get a right to work in UK?
sohelHemiraga: oh ya.. :)
nktroxshakti.abhishek: pahuch gaya cc?
sohelHemiraga: nice to see you here :)
shakti.abhisheknktrox: 1
Ramzes2Koster2007: ? ?? ??? ?? ?????????
emiragasohelH: you too
sohelHemiraga: how did you hear about topcoder?
sumit.vaioshankhs: tu v ek h
8888what do you mean saying that
O.samihey sara i was jst making sure that u knw en fe contest nw
emiragasohelH: don't remember
nktroxshankhs: koi flirt karne ko nahin mila?
sumit.vaioshankhs: lodu
xiaobaiyanglxhimo: ok
8888what you say is really difficult to understand
Tiaotiaowhat a mess..
sumit.vaioshankhs: yea tere mooh me deta hun
Leonidbetfair: if I'm a citizen ok EU do I have any problem to work in UK?
Betfair_Asher8888: We have people from China but they generally have moved here a long time ago, not so much recently
Betfair_Matthi 13
sumit.vaioshankhs: srm khatam hone de
Betfair_Matthi str
Betfair_AsherLeonid: Normally there isn't a restriction from within the EU - some of the newer territories its important to check the UK Visas web site
Betfair_AaronHi :-)
shakti.abhishekvishal_2018: kahan hain aap
Kuvshinovhi all))
sumit.vaioshankhs: mene shuru nhi kia
Betfair_Matthi Kuvshinov
sumit.vaionktrox:mene shuru nhi kia tha
cheater_no1spacedout_varna: kakwo stava, mom4ile?
13lazyrainyViel SpaB!
LeonidBetfair_Asher: I think Lithuania will be fine :)
LeonidBetfair_Asher: though I'll better check :)
sumit.vaioshankhs: nhi whisper nhi h
kcluneanyone interested in applying to Betfair can go here:
Betfair_AsherLeonid: Cool - definitely worth checking
sumit.vaiochalo ab tum log niklo yahan se , i gotta prepare mentally :D
TiaotiaoIs there anyone who play ACM ?
rocky_theCoderthere is no preparing urself mentally sumit
pashakazTiaotiao: i do ACM
ShadowCoderTiaotiao: yep
rocky_theCoderI meant there is no point
shakti.abhishekrocky_theCoder: kaun he be
LeonidBetfair_Asher: thx :)
FerlonTiaotiao: I suppose most of TopCoder members play ACM)
ShadowCoderTiaotiao: retired now :)
rocky_theCoderabe abhishe aaram se
shankhsrocky_theCoder: who?
Remounpashakaz: You don't sing very well, though.
cheater_no1ChronotriggerBG: mi6o, ko stava?
Betfair_MattBest of luck in the comp everyone
sumit.vaiorocky_theCoder: i need it desprately man .......... motivation ;)
pashakazRemoun: yo mama sang well last night
Betfair_AaronYeah good luck guys :-)
Tiaotiaowhat level? Final?
ShayanSalaam nimaaaaaaaaaa
almelvacm sucks:P
zyx3djbernadas: ahora q comenzo me di cuenta de otras cosas, el cigarro y el buzz byte
Remounsumit.vaio: The best preparation is a good nap
rocky_theCoderwat ...this is not such a very big competititon
8888acm is good
ShayanChetoriiiiiiiiiiiiii nimaaaaaaaaaaaa?
abhicoolBetfair_Aaron: Thanks, have a nice day :-)
ShadowCoderTiaotiao: yes i was in the finals in 2007
pivanofBetfair_Aaron: thanks :)
8888it so fast
abhicoolBetfair_Asher: Thanks, have a nice day :-)
alecn2002Thanks Betfair
8888that i cannot look at it
jmpld40thanks Betfair folks!
Betfair_Asherabhicool: np - good luck
TiaotiaoTop guys~~
Betfair_MattThanks for your time all.
lafagood luck u too
Betfair_MattThankd all at TC!
Betfair_AsherThanks everyone - hope to see some of you soon
sumit.vaioRemoun:sry yar i cant tk it nw
kclunethanks guys
abhicoolBetfair_Asher: thanks
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: thank you Matt and Asher
Betfair_AaronTake care guys... Hopefully meet some if you soon :-)
Betfair_Mattkclune: Cheers Kevin
sumit.vaiorocky_theCoder: watz ur name ???
ankuj.guptasally11:u der
Betfair_Mattashersyed: Thanks. Nice speaking to you. Looking forward to reading your CV ;)
sally11ankuj.gupta: hi
ashersyedBetfair_Aaron: what are the odds :)
Betfair_Aaronashersyed: LOL
ashersyedBetfair_Matt: you are welcome :)
sally11ankuj.gupta: entering the rooms
sally11ankuj.gupta: goog luck
ashersyedhave great day everyone