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Chat transcript from SRM 401
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jmpld40Hi everyone
jmpld40welcome to the AOL chat to discuss the Open AIM Contest
thejdevHi when does this discussion start
thejdevHello ??
SharpCI think that main question for all people who have not decided yet: why AIM better than another (Jabber and ICQ, mainly) IM?
FareRubyis there any online web for aim?
AOL_NicAIM is the #1 IM network in the US, and later this year will merge with ICQ
SharpCAOL_Nic: But I think that this position not because of technical perfectance but only because of position of AOL
Gando19850304In China, QQ is the main IM.
AOL_NicFareRuby: is the current online web for IM
AOL_NicFareRuby: we will be launching a whole new version in Q2
AOL_NicGando19850304: right QQ is the #1 in china, and in the US QQ is totally built ontop of AIM -
-AlexandeR-I read somewhere that ICQ is popular only in postsoviet countries), isn't it?
AOL_Nic-AlexandeR-: It is very popular in Eastern Europe and growing rapidly with the partnerships with the emerging telephone and internet portals
SharpC-AlexandeR-: So why most of Miranda developers not from exUSSR?
DeadmazaySharpC: Becose most of exUSSRs use QIP=)
gevakAOL_Nic: AFAIK, AOL is mainly dealing with web-technologies, thus using Java, etc. Does AOL maintain any .Net projects?
SharpCDeadmazay: Do you have a statistics?
DeadmazaySharpC: its my imho=)
AOL_Nicgevak: we do have .Net projects with one of our subsidaries that is part of our advertising platform ""Platform A""
AOL_Nicgevak: we also do many C# plugins for AIM and C++ and Objective C for our desktop clients
AOL_NicSharpC: Originally AIM was very closed and the same as all the other IM products, we have embraced the development community by allowing them to write their own clients on Open AIM
-AlexandeR-SharpC: I know only 2 men, that use Miranda, and others(~20) use QIP
-AlexandeR-Deadmazay: Good argument:)
AOL_Nic"Open AIM is the Most Open Synchronous Platform in the World"
AOL_Nicthis was a quote from was a comment that Dave Recordon from SixApart made during his talk on Thursday at Web 2.0 Expo on Open Web 2.0 Platforms.
SharpCAOL_Nic: Will OpenAIM support transports from another protocols?
AOL_Nicthat is how AOL wants AIM to be judged - by its peers -
AOL_NicSharpC: We have an XMPP (Jabber) gateway that we are using with partners in trials, we are in discussions with the other IM providers, but it is very slow going
AOL_NicSharpC: TopCoder members assisted with the creation of the XMPP Gateway
AOL_NicI personally managed the launch of QQGames Plugin into AIM 6.5 and really hope that we can implement a true interop with QQ
gevakAOL_Nic: Is there any AOL office in Russia or in Eastern Europe as well?
AOL_NicAnyone have any thoughts on the Open AIM Developer Challenge that we have running on TopCoder right now?
AOL_Nicgevak: Not an AOL office or development center in EE or Russia yet, we have launched 30 new international portals this year and we are watching them closely to see which ones need a dedicated office
aditya3414AOL_Nic: are you here for employment oppurtunities
AOL_Nicgevak: we did just create an office in Italy as the portal took off and needed dedicated staff
SharpCAOL_Nic: I think that for better understanding by algotopcoders what is OpenAIM Developer Challenge there is need in some articles and how-tos which explain what is it and how to take part
AOL_Nicaditya3414: not specifically, we are here today to discuss the Open AIM Challenge we have running on TopCoder right now and Open AIM in general, but if you are interested in our opening in NY, VA, Beijing or Bangalore I am here to answer any questions you
SharpCAOL_Nic: I and few my friends tried to understand what is des&dev competition but has failed :
AOL_NicSharpC: any specific competition or just in general?
aditya3414AOL_Nic: what is ur criteria for offering a job
aditya3414AOL_Nic: in bangalore
2005liguocaii am a fresher, how can i join the game?
SharpCAOL_Nic: In general. With some knowledge Java, C#, UML and another requirements we couldn't understand in common
AOL_Nicaditya3414: yes - we have open full time and contractor positions in Bangalore
aditya3414AOL_Nic: what is ur selection procedure
szzeretlekdo you offer facilities for foreigners
szzeretleki mean a place to stay
SharpCAOL_Nic: And I don't think that is strange or wonderful, most of new registrants on TopCoder (especially not native English-speakers) needs guidance in registration process :)
AOL_Nicaditya3414: first take a look at the AOL web site for careers
gevakAOL_Nic: Does AOL hire foreigns to it's US offices? Probably be a silly question though ;)
AOL_Nicgevak: We are not actually sponsoring H1's in the US at the moment but do offer internships for the summer to anyone here on a student visa
gevakAOL_Nic: Probably, aditya3414 what's to hear what will be the questions on the interview about. I want to know it too.
AOL_Nicaditya3414: Once we received your CV/Resume we select on experience and skill set relevance
gevakAOL_Nic: I mean what skill to AOL desire to see in the software engineer it hires?
5steveAOL_Nic: Hi, do AOL offer any intership opportunity for university student?
szzeretlekwhat are the conditions for internships
gevakAOL_Nic: What means ""H1""?
algoboyjan_holmes: ngga ikutan SRM ?
AOL_Nic5steve: yes we do - at the url I mentioned before - it is called Project Infusion
jan_holmesalgoboy: hari ini kayanya ngga nih... hehe... lagi mau research buat final project soalnya... :$
jan_holmesalgoboy: u ikut yah ?
AOL_Nicgevak: a H1 is a type of immigration visa from the US immigration - its a work permit visa
algoboyjan_holmes: iya, g ikut :D
jan_holmesalgoboy: oo ic... good luck d kalo gt... hehe...
algoboyjan_holmes: thx2 ^^
gevakAOL_Nic: Do you accept PhD students for internships?
DavidAlvesAOL_Nic: Do you offer internships in California in the San Francisco bay area?
AOL_NicThe skill sets are broad, Java, C++, Objective C, MySQL, Sybase, Tomcat,
AOL_Nicexperience of scalable web sites and infrastructure is much liked
AOL_NicDavidAlves: we do - we have an office in San Francisco and Mountain View.
5steveAOL_Nic: um..what kinda quality should a student have to be competent candidate for the ""project infusion""?
AOL_NicWe accept all levels of internship Under Grad, Masters and PhD
agarwal_kunal19AOL_Nic: do u offer any internsip in india...????
HeypaBHoBeceHwhat about tambuktu?
AOL_NicYes we do - the internships are listed here
DavidAlvesAOL_Nic: About how long does it usually take to hear back if you apply for an internship?
algoboyoton: halo..
hatredshalinmangar: hii :)
rator10Strange question: Do you think LOLCode will ever be an accepted language in TopCoder?
rator10DavidAlves: Why not? Is it not turing complete?
kokorochioton: hallloowww . . .. . mas oton ......
AOL_Nic5steve: We have many types of internship positions, for the development ones specifically a CS focus obviously
cmdshi all
5steveAOL_Nic: hi, are you guys still accepting students for summer internship?
rator10algoboy: test recieved
kokorochioton: ikutan studio ma Algorithm nih ??
cmdslimit is up?
algoboyrator10: thanks :D
AOL_Nic5steve: Yes we are - although it is getting close to the end - May 12 I believe is the final day for resume submissions
sanky29288are the limits for the registration today higher than normal ?
mfs1365sanky29288: yes 1750
agarwal_kunal19sanky29288: yes...
HeypaBHoBeceHu except students from 5 countries only, what about other European countries?
AOL_NicDavidAlves: I would expect 24 hrs as the window is closing
szzeretlekwhat kind of software would an intern participate in developing?
brainwaveWhen it would start, i need to stay in this room or I need to go in some other room for match
brainwaveWhen it would start, i need to stay in this room or I need to go in some other room for match
poopimfs1365: salam
poopimfs1365: chi shode ziad kardan
alexiliclazamil: sinak
HeypaBHoBeceHu just enter the contest
kokorochioton: halloow mas oton....
mfs1365poopi: salam
zyx3dbrainwave: click on active contest -> enter when it says rooms are assigned
kokorochioton: sombong nya
agarwal_kunal19brainwave: yes you have to....
HeypaBHoBeceHactive contests->SRM->enter
mfs1365poopi: nemidoonam shayad az in SRM be baad beshe 1750
AOL_Nicszzeretlek: Could be anything from a web application, to an internal project to parts of the backend of AIM, mostly Java and C++, we do have some Mac interns positions open - so Objective C also
algoboykokorochi: orangnya mungkin lagi pergi :p
poopimfs1365: ok
poopimfs1365: mamnun
mfs1365poopi: khahesh
xiaobaiyangI see....
algoboysimonsyd: halo
brainwaveHey if there are thousands of coder, Is AOL guys give chance to aal of them for job?????
kokorochialgoboy: iya kali yah kk...
kokorochialgoboy: hehehehe
orion9AOL_Nic: Whats the criteria for selection for project infusion, just academic performance..?
algoboykokorochi: :D
kokorochialgoboy: kk kenal gw ?
wanderleypiva: aes
5steveAOL_Nic: seems that the internship is pretty competitive... do you guys look at students' GPA? if so, how high should I have to be a competent candidate?
algoboykokorochi: ngga
wanderleyNatan.Lima: aes
kokorochialgoboy: mak jang... sombong juga
kokorochialgoboy: wakaka
algoboykokorochi: kenalan dulu, saya timo ^^
kokorochialgoboy: gw udah tau kok kalo kk timotius sakti
rajeshsrAll the best everyone
kokorochialgoboy: wakakkaka
kokorochialgoboy: percuma udah jumpa di sg kemarren
kokorochialgoboy: hehehhe
algoboykokorochi: dari USU ya ?
kokorochialgoboy: yuppy
algoboykokorochi: ooh..
algoboykokorochi: maaf, saya kan ngga tau handle :p
kokorochialgoboy: yang diinget cuman usu nya doank.. :((
AOL_NicI have not heard that a specific GPA, we look at course relevance, experience and what the candidate would like to focus on
HeypaBHoBeceHand country he comes from
algoboykokorochi: nggalah :p
kokorochialgoboy: hehehehe.. iya2.. gpp kok... gw cuman joke kok tadi...
abhicoolshalinmangar: hey hi
algoboykokorochi: saya tau izhari, roney dan alvin koq
algoboykokorochi: nama handle mereka sama kayak nama asli
shalinmangarabhicool: Hello
AOL_Nicbrainwave: we look at all the CV's and resumes - we have a dedicated team
abhicoolshalinmangar: representing AOL ? :)
kokorochialgoboy: iya
mishastassenwow, what's the current limit of registrants?
mishastassenthank you
kokorochialgoboy: hehehehehe
sandaruwanglahiru: ado
gevakand 10 seconds remaining
kokorochialgoboy: y udah... selamat berjuang dah... hehehehe...
mishastassenit was probably asked before;)
keshav_57has it been changed for all future SRMs or only for this one
algoboykokorochi: selamat berjuang juga ^^
AOL_NicHi Shalin - yes Shaling is a TopCoder member that has been hired by AOL and works in our AOL India - Bangalore Office
5steveAOL_Nic: how many do you guys accept for the internship?
otonkokorochi: halo
sandaruwanglahiru: match eka ewara unata passe IRC ekata online waren
dax_nurlanGERMAN TY TUT?
Fabiso this is officially the largest srm ever!
mishastassengood for petr to achieve 4000 at TCO final :)
lahirusandaruwang: Adooo
AOL_Nic5steve: this year will be around 200
gevakdax_nurlan: a germana vse net :)
mishastassenall those participants
lahirusandaruwang: ela ela
progfoolWhat types of oppurtunities r available at AOL now?
lahirusandaruwang: all the best! ;)
dax_nurlanA ty kto?
Asheshmy linux box is behaving a little strangely and yet I'm taking my chances for this SRM on it
lahirusandaruwang: ko vpj?
kokorochioton: halo mas oton
kokorochioton: ikut algorithm nih ???
AsheshI hope it doesn't crash mid way
sandaruwanglahiru: machan meka mea amuthu chat room ekak.. anikata waren.. lobby 1
raghibkhan_786AOL_Nic: Hi Nic, Nice to see you here.:)
sandaruwanglahiru: chat room 1
AOL_Nicraghibkhan_786: Raghib - great to see you too - Good luck to you and Shalin with the SRM