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ivernThursday, May 15, 2008
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romanoTC is the new Component Development Champion!

romanoTC is the new Component Development Champion!

This year's component project was part of a combined effort between the Components and Studio tracks to build a small visual application within the timeframe of the TCO finals. This application displays TopCoder members that are "related" to a specified member through one or more of a variety of metrics, and places these members on the screen at a distance from the original member inversely proportional to how "related" they are. The sample application allows the user to specify geographical location, rating, and TopCoder match overlap as metrics for the visualization.

The Components tracks were responsible for building the business logic for calculating distances between members as a component. TopCoder provided the component competitors with sample member data, as well as a data access layer with a reference implementation to read the sample data.

The overall winner of the design competition, which took place on Monday and lasted six hours, was Pops with a Java submission. Wendell submitted the top .NET solution and both of their designs became inputs to the development competition, which ran on Wednesday and lasted eight and a half hours. After reviews were done, romanoTC emerged as the overall development winner.

Congratulations to the winners, and a special thanks to adic, Ghostar, nhzp339, aksonov, TheCois, and cnettel for delivering a true reviewing tour de force this week.

Component Development Competition Final Scores

Review Board
Competitor Rating TheCois aksonov cnettel Link Total
romanoTC 1840 85.66 97.94 94.31 download 92.64
PE 1797 86.28 88.31 96.56 download 90.38
cyberjag 1052 86.41 96.34 87.56 download 90.10
Orange_Cloud 1701 86.64 96.47 86.75 download 89.95
enefem21 1468 86.03 86.42 96.19 download 89.55
oldbig 2165 82.84 86.03 94.44 download 87.77
wiedzmin 1725 80.98 88.47 89.5 download 86.32
hefeng 1987 87.88 84.01 74.12 download 82.00
hotblue 1192 89.59 75.31 79.31 download 81.40
netsafe 1358 73.5 75.93 88.25 download 79.23
Xuchen 1638 82.9 77.19 77.5 download 79.20
jueyey 1674 64.58 67.44 55.5 download 62.51