Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Developer Forums

Are you attending the TCO finals as a spectator or finalist? Either way, be sure to attend the Developer Forums. This year's TCO features two rewarding topics:

Wednesday, June 27

10:00AM - 11:00AM : Security in Group Developed Software
One critical challenge IT management faces as it adapts to an increasingly global workforce is how to protect its company's proprietary information from being copied or exploited. As system information is distributed across a global workforce, it becomes much more difficult to manage and secure this proprietary intellectual property.

The apparent risk this poses to a company's most sensitive systems has created a perception of risk, causing many traditional IT organizations to avoid a strategy using a distributed global workforce for anything beyond run rate development. This hesitation prevents IT organizations from fully benefiting from the proven advantages of globalization.

This discussion will explore how the TopCoder Software Development Methodology protects sensitive client information at each phase of its unique software engineering process.

Wednesday, June 27

2:00PM - 3:00PM : The Power of Communities -- And Its Future
Communities can hold enormous power and exert significant influence - far more so than any one individual - IF, managed and channeled correctly. We will examine the concept, and reality, of Community Power - looking at the sources and structures that influence the creation and growth of communities, strengths and weaknesses of communities, how to manage/channel this community power towards producing value, and the future of communities. And wrap this around, of course, how companies will, and currently do, benefit from the every expanding power and influence of the TopCoder community.