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Presentation: How the TopCoder process handles QA - 06.27.07 6:30 PM EDT

By scamp
TopCoder Member

In a presentation at the TCO today, I discussed some of the common QA problems that are cited against the use of reusable components. These objections include:

  • Lack of access to commercial component source code.
  • Components are not readily testable.
  • Difficult to use and interpret tests from component vendors.
  • Concern that components were not developed for a specific operating environment; and that developing a component test bed for all possible environments is too costly and time consuming.

TopCoder address all these questions by integrating testing into everything we do. One of the newer highlights is "scamp@home," a software system that will take advantage of participants diverse environments to test components. Scamp@home distributes component tests to participating computers, across the entire range of available environments, hardware, character sets, and so on.

To learn more, check out the presentation [PPT - 945kb ].