Sunday, May 19, 2024

TopCoder gone wild - 06.28.07 7:00 PM EDT

By jmpld40
TopCoder Member

TopCoder admins work really hard at the TCO, but we do have some time for some fun too! I was able to get some fun pictures of our admins being crazy and just having a good time.

Here is bettylee74 and jwlms on the last day of set up.

Here is the TheFaxman doing what he does best!

cucu, aisacovich, and bauna dancing the night away!

kwright and bwright – brothers without a cause

That’s me (jmpld40) in bwright’s sunglasses!

mike and ivern jamming to Guitar Hero. Sing it, ivern!

Just having some fun (pulky, aisacovich, jmpld40, bauna, mural)