Sunday, May 19, 2024

DRW tunes in to the TCO spirit - 06.28.07 6:00 PM EDT

By Petr
TopCoder Member

The DRW presentation has become another highlight today, at least judging by the finalists' reports. It is not a big secret that sponsor presentations sometimes get a little boring and 'business-like', and DRW has managed to avoid that mistake completely. andrewzta has named the absence of a single PowerPoint slide as the compelling indicator of the entire DRW attitude. DRW has employed a demo trading application to say what others would have said using long, long phrases. And they were rewarded by the finalists taking real interest in the presentation -- about fifty questions were asked and answered providing some interesting discussion about DRW's work.

The DRW booth has also attracted a lot of attention, as DRW people provided the competitors with a Wii videogame, and have organized a long-awaited poker tournament today.

Together with the successful presentation, that means DRW people have managed to tune right into the spirit of the TCO - the spirit of competition and fun. Good job! We're hoping to see DRW sponsoring future TopCoder tournaments. :)