mikeYahoo_Bob: hello
Yahoo_BobHi all, this is Bob from Yahoo
subodhl82hi all
nishantkumarYahoo_Bob: What are the challenges u face in ur day to dy work at Yahoo?
Yahoo_BobI work on the search index, every individual has different challenges of course
nishantkumarYahoo_Bob: Sound cool
nishantkumarYahoo_Bob: sounds
Yahoo_Bobwe're trying to keep up with indexing every page on the 'net :)
Yahoo_Bobit's a moving target
nishantkumarYahoo_Bob: What other ventures is Yahoo moving too?
nishantkumarYahoo_Bob: Anything thats coming up soon?
codelionYahoo_Bob: how do i apply for yahoo at banglore india
supernovaYahoo_Bob: There have been a lot of cases recently when international students were invited to join the Yahoo Summer Internship Program, but couldn't because of some visa problems?
subodhl82whats the google equivalent of 20% personal time at Yahoo!?
lordhiruYahoo_Bob: what do you think about the challenge with google?
Yahoo_Bobnishantkumar: Other ventures, you mean other applications/projects?
shakti_sdYahoo_Bob: Wht kind of profile you are looking for in India / US ?
nishantkumarYahoo_Bob: yes
nishantkumarYahoo_Bob: other than search engines
kranjitYahoo_Bob: how do i apply for yahoo at banglore india?
Yahoo_BobI'll try to answer a few questions generally here...
shakti_sdadmins: is Yahoo_Bob is the one to who we have to address our questions ?
soft.freakYahoo_Bob:any other people from Yahoo joining
Yahoo_BobThere is another Yahoo who will join us shortly
codelionyahoo waqar was here
rajudaiicthi all
codelionbob how much do u pay
revtekniquesshakti_sd: yes
Yahoo_BobI think he's coming back to this room
TheFaxmanshakti_sd: yes, he can answer your questions about Yahoo
shakti_sdYahoo_Bob: So can u tell us the profile you are looking for in india and US ?
Yahoo_BobAs for internships, I'm not an expert on visa issues, you do need a work visa
codelionbob but how do i apply for an internship
codelionsay for next summer
ayrewhere is the yahoo main office?
kanishkkunalwhats the criteria of selection
shakti_sdYahoo_Bob: How much of experience you are looking for ?
supernovaYahoo_Bob: I was told in mail by Yahoo! stuff that there were visa problems
supernovaYahoo_Bob: so I didn't even get to the stage of getting a visa
supernovaYahoo_Bob: by yahoo staff*
Yahoo_BobI know this sounds bureaucratic, but the best way to find internships is to look at openins on the main site
codelionwell there r not many opening on the main site:(
kanishkkunali mean
Yahoo_BobWe have many openings listed worldwide, yes on
soft.freakYahoo_Bob:do you have anyone who welcome some new IDEAS as I have somthings to discuss
shakti_sdyahoo_waqar: can u tell us the opening and the profiels you are looking for ?
codelionas for the internships its not very clear either i already checked it up
shakti_sdyahoo_waqar: in India / US ?
soft.freakYahoo_Waqar: do you have anyone who welcome some new IDEAS as I have somthings to discuss
Yahoo_WaqarYahoo as a large broad company recruits in almost all areas of computer science.
Yahoo_BobThere is no single profile that every team is looking for
Yahoo_WaqarUnix, systems programming, C++
Yahoo_WaqarData skills
kanishkkunalno java?
shakti_sdYahoo_Waqar: no java ?
codelionare u going to hire ppl from topcoder ?
Yahoo_WaqarJava as well
nishantkumarYahoo_Waqar: Do u develop s/w for mobile phones? Like on Symbian, WinCE. Any division in India?
shakti_sdYahoo_Bob: Java ?
lordhiruYahoo_Waqar: whats the chance for a sri lankan to get an internship at yahoo, india or anywhere
supernovaYahoo_Bob: I only had a visitor visa as I attented the TopCoder Colegiate Challenge.
Yahoo_WaqarA Sri Lankan or any nationality can apply
codelionwhy dont u ppl give more stress on algorithms like others
supernovaYahoo_Bob: There I received an invitation from Mr. Ming Sui (I am from Romania) and a few months later when I asked again he sent me an email that there were some sort of visa problems.
supernovaYahoo_Bob: I just wondered if there were similar caused or if you know whether it has something specific tot do with some countries
hanowhen is the next recruiting process?
Yahoo_WaqarWe do care about algorithmic skills
codelionsupernova: there are probs for some countrys in us visa :(
lordhiruYahoo_Waqar: so whats the working experience at yahoo. I hope its not a 16 hours / a day job like i happened do sometime ago
revtekniquesYahoo_Waqar: what do you do at Yahoo!?
soft.freakYahoo_Bob: sure thanks ... and about R & D work...
loveislifeYahoo_Waqar: Excuse me if this is asked before, but is this global recruitment drive ?
codelionYahoo_Waqar: but as u just said the skills u desire are on unix systems and all thats the same think put on the flyer at our college for yahoo placements, how can u expect a bacholers student to be good at that kind of stuff
mikesupernova: I doubt the Yahoo folks in here now can help with a specific situation such as yours
Yahoo_WaqarI work in Strageic Data Solutions which is the side of Yahoo focussed on understanding what users do on our website so that the experience can be made better as well as increase monetization.
revtekniquessupernova: you can send me an email about your situation and I can try to find you answeres to them...
supernovamike: I just thought it might be a more generalized problem.
Yahoo_WaqarWe develop ways of analyzing data as an example of an algorithmic area.
LYahoo_Bob: why isn't there a "Yahoo! Code Jam"?
supernovarevtekniques: ok, thank you very much
revtekniquessupernova: np
codeliondoes yahoo have a personal research time like 20% from google
sandy_patel4uwhat is thai id ? revt?
chaoticaunix skills aren't that hard to come by
chaoticaanyone who uses *bsd has 'em
revtekniquessandy_patel4u: thats my email address
Yahoo_BobYahoo doesn't have a company-wide 20% policy
sandy_patel4ufor what purpose we can use it?
codelionhmm so i join yahoo and die working for it :(
Yahoo_WaqarYahoo is looking for talent in many countries.
Yahoo_Bobbut in my team, we schedule projects li ke that the same way we schedule vacation
mikeYahoo_Waqar: what's the quantity of data that you need to deal with for analysis within SDS?
codelionYahoo_Bob: thats interesting
revtekniquessandy_patel4u: to email me about questions regarding Yajoo!
sandy_patel4uok thanks
Yahoo_BobAnd generally, I always strive to assign projects that are interesting to the individual
sandy_patel4uyahoo hires 2005 passouts?
JNuggetYahoo_Bob: For someone, like myself, who is interested in algorithms, data structures and optimization problems... is search the best group to be in?
Yahoo_WaqarWe collect more than 10 Terrabytes of data every day -- yes, thats every day
Yahoo_Bobwhich means you're doing something you want to do 100% of the time!
hanoYahoo_Bob: does Yahoo have any postgraduate program?
kranjitYahoo_Bob: What about opportunities in India?
codelionYahoo_Bob: i dont that i wanna sink in 10tbs evy day
mikeYahoo_Waqar: wow
sandy_patel4uhello revtek ? does yahoo recruit freshers?
kranjitYahoo_Waqar: What about opportunities in India?
revtekniquessandy_patel4u: yes they do
Yahoo_BobYahoo does have many developers in Bangalore
Yahoo_Bobwe are hiring there
codelionYahoo_Bob: and wat about the recent row with google how big is ur db really?
sandy_patel4uhow can we apply?revtek?
Yahoo_WaqarYahoo operates the worlds largest collections of data and analysis of that data is a huge challenge --- algorithms that scale are a big challenge
kranjitcodelion: they are not supposed to disclose such things.
codelionYahoo_Bob: are u looking for interns in banglore
mikeYahoo_Waqar: how long is all that data kept? is it compressed or summarized somehow?
Yahoo_BobWhen we announced the size of our index at ~20B objects, that was accurate
shiningtigerYahoo_Bob: What are the profiles u r loooking for in yahoo
revtekniquessandy_patel4u: best way is through their main website...
revtekniquessandy_patel4u: if you are in india
Yahoo_Bob1.5B of those are images, the rest are web pages
Yahoo_WaqarWe use compression as well as many other techniques
codelionkranjit: they annoced it silly
Yahoo_WaqarSampling for instance is an important area for handling scale
gokulnathis there opportunities for higher studies while working in yahoo?
Yahoo_WaqarSo it approximate computation
Yahoo_Bobyou gotta figure it'll grow from there, but we haven't announced annything
Yahoo_Boband google has thrown in the towel, having removed their size number from the home page
codelionhmm yahoo sure returns more number of results for any query
kranjitYahoo_Waqar: what kind of opportunities does one have at bangalore?
codelionbut wats the algo that sorts them in pages
Yahoo_Bobso both companies now agree that the size alone doesn't matter, it's relevance, which is what yahoo has been saying all along
Yahoo_WaqarYahoo banagalore is growing very fast and has aopportunities across the board.
sandy_patel4uya i m in india
nishantkumarYahoo_Waqar: Are u currently working in India?
abi_kYahoo_Waqar: I am interested in cryptographic algorithms, does yahoo! have need for any?
kranjitYahoo_Waqar: like what sort of research goes in and what sort of persons are they looking to hire?
Yahoo_WaqarSpeaking for the data side, we have groups in bangalore that are working on algorithms for analysis as well as in the area of data management.
Yahoo_BobIn bangalore, there are operations-oriented positions as well as development
hanoYahoo_Bob: how many huma classifiers Yahoo has?
hanoYahoo_Bob: how many human classifiers Yahoo has?
lordhiruYahoo_Bob: i heard that yahoo is using some microsoft technology. is that true..?
subodhl82Yahoo_Waqar: how is the university recruiting system for new grads at Yahoo!
LYahoo_Bob: did Yahoo! consider organizing a programming contest like google's?
RyanThey considered sponsoring the TCO
Yahoo_BobWell, I will confess that iI use Excel
Yahoo_WaqarCrypto is relevant for Yahoo --- areas like privacy and security are important.
kanishkkunali think it does conducts such contests.
kanishkkunali mean sponser
chaoticaya know, i'm starting to yahoo should have gotten more than two people to come and chat :)
chaoticastarting to think too
Yahoo_WaqarIf your are research oriented, then we have Yahoo Research Labs where the focus is on advanced research and prototype systems
codelionYahoo_Waqar: from been a search engine company where is yahoo aheading now
MinilekDoes Yahoo! have a research group ?
MinilekOh..question answered. : )
abi_kYahoo_Waqar: do research labs recruit undergrads fresh out of school?
gokulnathCan an undergrad enter into R & D?
kanishkkunalcan we apply for research internship?
lordhiruL: yahoo is the sposor of todays competition i think
patrickrivaWhat do you think of Language Oriented Programming? (or MDA)?
JNuggetYahoo_Waqar: I'm finishing up my MSc... would I have a shot at a position in Yahoo research?
Yahoo_Bobgokulnath: YES, a new grad can do real development
revtekniqueslordhiru: that is correct
cseiitkgpi am a senior undergrad at comp sc and engg at iit
Yahoo_WaqarResearch labs recruit a lot of PhDs -- there are some opportunities for masters and bachelors
cseiitkgpwill be completing my post grad next year
gokulnathI have not doubts about development...can they enter into research labs?
cseiitkgpan i apply for intern at yahoo india this year?
cseiitkgp how do we apply for that
hanoYahoo_Bob: why should I apply for a job in Yahoo?
Ryanhano: to learn how to yodel
kranjithano: coz there are others waiting for it
Yahoo_BobWhy work for Yahoo?
Yahoo_BobBecause we have lots of smart people
kranjithano: and they pay money
Yahoo_BobTons of users that really use it
codelionYahoo_Bob: define smart?
lordhiruYahoo_Bob: how long is the internship period and can we have an internship at anytime of the year we like (E.g. Octomber to December)
kranjitabi_k: when you are in rome do as romans do
codelionYahoo_Bob: and tons of users do u weigh them lol
Yahoo_BobAnd many interesting projects
Yahoo_WaqarRecruiting at Yahoo is not degree-oriented but skills-oriented. If you are finishing your MSC the question to really ask is whether you have been doing some research already -- for example published somepapers.
patrickrivaYahoo_Waqar: What do you think of Language Oriented Programming? (or MDA)?
kanishkkunaldo you consider looking at devlopers from Topcoder
rnigam_6Yahoo_Waqar: Hi waqar ... i am a BE (comp science) with 1.5+ yrs of exp ... do i stand a chance for yahoo r&d opening in bangalore
LYahoo_Bob: why should we apply for a job at Yahoo! instead of Google?
lordhiruYahoo_Bob: how long is the internship period and can we have an internship at anytime of the year we like (E.g. Octomber to December)
Yahoo_BobWe have hired people in search from Topcoddoer
codelionL: good question :->
rnigam_6Yahoo_Waqar: the requirements state that only MS or phd guys can join as research scientist
chaoticawhy not apply for both? :)
Yahoo_BobWhy Yahoo vs. Google?
RyanBecause Google feeds you too much
theflex99I love food
codelionRyan: : )
Yahoo_WaqarKeep in mind that development groups are very cutting edge and inventive at Yahoo. The differnec from research labs is the time frame and the focus. Development groups deliver in less than 1 year typically, often in 3 month cycles
Yahoo_BobI'm not going to speak for Google
cseiitkgpi have published two papaers till now and will be publishing two this year but they are in field of bioinfo and vlsi
beguileDo u take people in R&D after Btech
codelionRyan: coz its always gl vs yah
jianshii don' t get google
jianshii interviewed for them
jianshiaced their interview
cseiitkgpbut will yahoo give me weightage for taht
Yahoo_WaqarYes, we take people in R&D after bachelors
jianshiand then they said that i'm rejected
codelionjianshi: relax
chaoticathe interview isn't the only factor
theflex99what's this chat room all about now, eh?
Yahoo_BobYahoo has a very good culture, we work hard, work together very well
minhuwhat's the policy yahoo foreign programmer?
niluxhey cseiitkgp ... whats ur name
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar:i have published two papaers till now and will be publishing two this year but they are in field of bioinfo and vlsi....will yahoo give weightage to that in my interview
Yahoo_WaqarYahoo R&D is open to bachelors
codelionjianshi: the recurtment of google is veyr differnt from all companies
Yahoo_Boband in spite of the size, we aren't bogged down
kranjitabi_k: why?
jianshiyaeh i don't get it
patrickrivaYahoo_Waqar: What do you think of Language Oriented Programming? (or MDA)?
minhuwhat's the policy yahoo hire foreign SE?
jianshimy friend who didn't do too hot on their interview got in
codelionjianshi: they need differnt kind of ppl
theflex99Yahoo only gets bogged down when it comes to customer service and sales... it seems like you guys need to hire engineers in customer support
codeliontheflex99: :) true
jianshioh well
jianshiyahoo sounds awesome
lordhiruYahoo_Bob: how long is the internship period and can we have an internship at anytime of the year we like (E.g. Octomber to December)
jianshii like their beta mail thing
jianshiquite nice
theflex99lordhiru: you can't have one in octomber
Yahoo_BobInternships are generally in summer, but that's because of school calendars more than anything
Yahoo_Waqarcseiitkgp -- you should apply to Yahoo -- obviously getting hired is competitive.
lordhiruYahoo_Bob: but at Sri anka we dont have holidays in summer
lantimilanyahoo! mail is probably the primary email for most people, but what new features are in vision to compete the emerging gmail?
RyanWhy do you sponsor events such as the TCO?
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: but eill my papers count?
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: because they are not in field yahoo works
mikefor those that have not already opted in the be contacted by Yahoo - you can do so here:
mikeclick "Apply now"
hanoYahoo_Bob: I'm now working in consulting, but i'm looking for more interesting projects. Does Yahoo hava that kind of projects?
codelionmike: wats the creterion for selection
mikecodelion: I'll let the Yahoo folks field that
LYahoo_Bob: how much importance does Yahoo! give to applicant's algorithm rating?
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: what is the pay package at yahoo for R&D and for general?
Yahoo_WaqarThe point is not the count of papers but your skills -- thats what the Yahoo interview process will test
beguilewat all skills do u test??
Yahoo_Bobadmins: We don't reduce applicants down to a number
codelionmike: how do they select in general i mean do they go for the ratings and all
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: ok how many phases are there in interview
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: and how many are programming skills oriented
churchillyahoo, what skills you are searching for?
Yahoo_BobWe look at ratings of course
LYahoo_Bob: to a vector of numbers?
Yahoo_Bobbut we don't plug you into a spreadsheet
kanishkkunaldo you looj at development ratings also?
kanishkkunallook at dev rating?
codelionkanishkkunal: :(
Yahoo_BobObviously, if you stand out above the crowd, that's going to help
subodhl82Yahoo_Bob: Could you give me contact info of some university recruiter in US? I will be completing my MS in CS in May 2006 and I am interested in a Full time position Yahoo! Is there a central repository for SDE jobs?
kanishkkunalYahoo_Bob: Do you look only at Algorithm Ratings?
subodhl82Yahoo_Waqar: Could you give me contact info of some university recruiter in US? I will be completing my MS in CS in May 2006 and I am interested in a Full time position Yahoo! Is there a central repository for SDE jobs?
Yahoo_WaqarYahoo compensates competitively. The interview process is customized by the group you iterview with and "phases" can be a single phase or 2 or 3.
mikecodelion: from what I understand - Yahoo finds TopCoder particiaption in general to be appealing in a candidate
soft.freakYahoo_Bob: and if someone is poor in academic rating then?
yaojieno1Unfortunately, I do not like Yahoo! because Yahoo! china only report stodgy dirty storys
codelionyaojieno1: :)
codelionmike: thanks
kranjitabi_k: what is wrong with codelion ?
theflex99That does seem like a good point... Why join a company that supports censorship on the internet?
Yahoo_BobStrong academic rating is an indicator, but that's all
roguexzcodelion: I guess, that is the case in most of the places ;-)
Yahoo_Bobin our interview process, we test what people actually know
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: will let you look at positions at Yahoo
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: how is work culture at u give freedom to ur workers for blogging,surfing,caual wear and flexible time hours
Vishwesh86in india academic rating is not evn close to being an indicator :(
hanoI'm looking an US University in Artificial Intellgence. Which does Yahoo representatives think could be a good choice?
hano(lokiing for)... :P
soft.freakYahoo_Bob: ya because your intrest lies osomewhere n u are examed for something else
codelionkranjit: which year r u from
roguexzYahoo! Could you tell us what are the demographic locations that you are looking at recruiting to?
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: I have found Yahoo to have one of the most open cultures -- worked at other companies for 20 years and have found Yahoo to be very open, flexible, merit-based
TheIcebreakerloveislife: i am here
lordhiruYahoo_Bob: And another question, what kind of support yahoo can give students for their final year projects.
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: cud u give some examples!!
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: Casual wear, flextime, blogging all ok
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: about work culture
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: ok
Yahoo_Boblordhiru: not sure what you mean by support. Money? Time?
CPP_junkieYahoo_Waqar: Does Yahoo India offer a technical ladder?
mracerwhere is yahoo offices locatated?
abi_kYahoo_Bob: does yahoo sponsor graduate studies of employees?
LYahoo_Bob: are interview test problems similar to SRM problems?
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: Yes, there is a technical ladder at Yahoo as well as a management ladder.
loveislifeTheIcebreaker: oh i forgot to reply you
loveislifeTheIcebreaker: hope you found a comp ?
TheIcebreakerloveislife: ok
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: yaa what kind of problems u ask in test
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: tical
Yahoo_BobWe have a technical ladder and mgmt ladder
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: tion based
TheIcebreakerloveislife: ya in comp room
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: or algorithmic
Yahoo_BobBUT, you MUST be technical to survive in management
scarletYahoo_Bob: can we do our semester projects in yahoo?
lordhiruYahoo_Bob: lets say for eample by technical advice and giving ideas or outsourcing simpe yahoo projects
yaojieno1Yahoo_Waqar: Yahoo! and Yahoo! china is not the same and may have different culture,right?
scarletYahoo_Bob: if so what is the procedure?
cseiitkgproguexz: ok
scarletYahoo_Bob: and whom shud we contact for the regardings
shiningtigerYahoo_Bob: If we join yahoo India than what are the chances of onsite exposure.
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: We test for general competence (algorithms, data structures) as well as specific skills (C++, systems programming, perl, java) that are needed for the job.
funixhamid heili khari
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: ok
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: that's good
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: We assume that you can pick up new skills if you have the basics
Yahoo_BobIf you're in the midst of grad studies, then the best way to get into Yahoo is find a job opening that you'd be intereseted in after you finish
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: yaa
Yahoo_BobThat groupl will see how you will fit in
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: knowing more languages beneficial
theflex99Yahoo_Waqar: Do you believe that education and experience outweigh skill and knowledge?
Yahoo_Boband it's case-by-case how to mix work and study from there
beguileYahoo_Bob: what all skills do u test in an interview
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: do yahoo like to have vb as well other than c c++ java and perl
roguexzcseiitkgp: Which year are you in?
Yahoo_BobSkills: depends on the job of course
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: Depth is better than breadth -- if you have both, all the better
cseiitkgproguexz: 4th
cseiitkgproguexz: but i am dual so will do my mtech along with btech next year...passing out next year
Yahoo_Bobwe usually look for strong comp sci, e.g. algorithms, but also problem solving ability
ludovicYahoo! Can you tell us how yahoo is planning to defeat Google?
Yahoo_Boband typically language skills
Vamlockludovic: Hehe.
cseiitkgproguexz: hey u have same quote as mine
mracerYahoo_Bob: do you guys hire Computer Engineers?
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: Education and experience are indicators of skills and knowledge but not a necessary or sufficnet condition
MinilekI noticed that, at my school at least, Yahoo! seems to be taking on a much more aggressive hiring campaign. Is Yahoo! planning on growing a lot in the next couple years?
chaoticaheh. yahoo doesn't have to defeat google. i'd be a bit annoyed if it did :)
kranjitcseiitkgp: split personality :)
CPP_junkieYahoo_Bob: Does Yahoo India allow working from home?
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: We care about your skills and knowledge
lordhiruYahoo_Bob: theres a saying in some recruiters that "We dont need programmers who always searching yahoo or google" whats ur opinion about that
Yahoo_BobWorking from home is not a company-wide policy, but it is very common
codelionludovic: :)
theflex99Yahoo_Waqar: I asked the skills and knowledge question (by the way)
hanoDoes Yahoo have any research center in Europe? (near Spain :P)
subodhl82Yahoo_Waqar: I have had a lot of experience in working on large data sets
abi_kYahoo_Bob: Are you very particular regarding the discipline (computer science) of the student?
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: Look for openings at
abi_kYahoo_Bob: Are you very particular regarding the discipline (computer science) of the students you wish to interview
Yahoo_Bobif you are producitive from home, ythen it i is encouraged
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: the SDS openings are there as well
theflex99The benefit of google is that they are much more "Get it right the first time"...
codelionabi_k: nopes they can take them all
srikanth_basYahoo_Waqar: Right now the recruitment is for which centre ? India or some other place ???
subodhl82Yahoo_Waqar: currently my research group at virginia tech are planning to create an infrastructure to generate a synthetic population for the entire united states
subodhl82Yahoo_Waqar: for modelling and simulation
theflex99I mean over at Yahoo! they still don't have a great Yahoo! Mail that does exactly what I want
Yahoo_Waqarsubodhl82: All centers ... Yahoo is growing in every region
theflex99google is perfecting their mail before even fully launching it
codeliontheflex99: :)
subodhl82Yahoo_Waqar: i also had one project for filtering google news results using incremental rocchio and logistic regression
Yahoo_BobMany of you are wondering about the exact profile Yahoo is looking for
Yahoo_BobAnd there isn't any one thing
codeliontheflex99: r u from google
codeliontheflex99: hehe
subodhl82Yahoo_Waqar: i did interview with them yesterday :d
MinilekYahoo_Bob: I noticed that, at my school at least, Yahoo! seems to be taking on a much more aggressive hiring campaign. Is Yahoo! planning on growing a lot in the next couple years?
subodhl82Yahoo_Waqar: they were on campus
anandbhalgatwho is yahoo admin here?
Yahoo_BobYes, Yahoo is definitely going to be growing rapidly
theflex99codelion: nah... I'm a community college drop out... I work in a deli at a wal-mart
Yahoo_Boband we will be more aacttive with college recruiting
johncarmike: it would be a nice little addition to the applet if the name of the sponsor representative would appear in some distinctive color in the sponsor chat room :)
srikanth_basYahoo_Bob: For which country ur recruiting right now
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: yaah
haykelYahoo_Waqar: What about north africa? are you planning to create specific contents/sites for them?
Yahoo_BobI'm based in Sunnyvale, so i'm most famiiliar with US openings
LYahoo_Bob: why just sponsoring a programming contest when the competition is making one themselves?
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: what is the exact package of yahoo for say undergrads in india
LYahoo_Bob: ( where competition = Google :-) )
minhuYahoo_Bob: how about the percent of foreign programmer at yahoo USA now?
Yahoo_BobI don't know how to define "foreign"
chaoticaL: cause sponsoring is easier than organizing? :)
Yahoo_Bobwe have a very diverse mix
srikanth_basYahoo_Bob: Do u sponsor H1B visas for people in India
Yahoo_Bobyes, we have many h1b's
soft.freakYahoo_Bob: Do you take experianced people from IT Service Industry?
Lchaotica: yes, just like not having the best search engine is easier than the oposite
JNuggetYahoo_Bob: If we expressed interest in a job today, how soon can we expect to hear from you?
srikanth_basYahoo_Bob: Whats is the way to apply for Yahoo openings in USA. Im in india
Yahoo_Bobsoft.freak: yes, for some openings
soft.freakYahoo_Bob: like which types
scarletYahoo_Bob: do you have any oppurtunities for projects for college students in idia?
cseiitkgpYahoo_Waqar: if i want to do internship this year ,whom should i apply to?
Yahoo_Bobadmins: If you're based in India and want to stay there, then you should focus on the Bangalore office, it is growing rapidly
srikanth_basYahoo_Bob: Whats is the way to apply for Yahoo openings in USA. Im in india
srikanth_basYahoo_Bob: and have experience in J2EE
lantimilan[Yahoo_Bob]:may I have contact info of yahoo branch in China?
Yahoo_Bobif you're interested in US job, you should look at the site
scarletYahoo_Bob: whom shud we contact for doing internship in yahoo india
lantimilanYahoo_Bob:may I have contact info of yahoo branch in China?
funixhamid kojayi?
subodhl82Yahoo_Bob: do they look at all the resumes or use a filter to search for relevant ones?
subodhl82Yahoo_Bob: careers section has a list of a lot of jobs
Yahoo_Bobwe certainly look at all resumes
JNuggetHow long can we expect to wait before hearing back from you wrt interviews?
Yahoo_Boblatency varies, unfortunately
Yahoo_Bobsometimes aresume will ttake several hops before the right manager sees it
ahmedpashahi everybody
haykelYahoo_Bob: Is Yahoo! planning to open a site in north Africa, i.e. Tunisia?
Yahoo_Bobsometimes it can take <1 week, but 2 weeks is more common
subodhl82Yahoo_Bob: the problem for me is yahoo! doesnt on campus at virginia tech
subodhl82Yahoo_Bob: so applying online will take much more time
subodhl82Yahoo_Bob: unless i forward it directly to your univ recruiter
subodhl82Yahoo_Bob: :)
Yahoo_Bobon-campus interviews is simply a way to get your resume into the right hands
Yahoo_Bobif you spend a bit of time on the site, you can filter on openings you'd like
Yahoo_Bobbe interested in i mean
roguexzcseiitkgp: get in touch with me at
roguexzcseiitkgp: best of luck for the match.. :-)
Yahoo_Boband by applying for a specific job, you'll gert your resume into the right group
lordhiruYahoo_Bob: good bye bob thanks for your support
Yahoo_Boblordhiru: ur welcome, good luck today!
subodhl82Yahoo_Bob: thanks bob
mikethanks Yahoo reps!
ahmedpashaYahoo_Bob: is there any plan in Yahoo to open a subsidiary for Pakistan
johncarThanks! to! the! Yahoo! team! for! all! the! infos! Keep on the good work...
Yahoo_BobAny final questions before we close?